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T-72BM2 'Sling': The Belarusian Slingshot


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Flag_of_Belarus_svg.png.da70c772ba90e2ca  T-72BM2: The Belarusian Slingshot  220px-Emblem_of_the_Armed_Forces_of_Bela

Disclaimer : Limited information is available on the T-72BM2. As more information is released, this suggestion will be updated.


The T-72BM2 'Sling'-prototype Main Battle Tank being tested for the Belarusian Army.

  • Description :
    • The T-72BM2 'Sling' is a modernized T-72B main battle tank being tested by the Belarusian Army for testing. Development began in the late-2010's, early-2020's by Belarus's JSC 140th Repair Plant who specializes in the modernizations of the T-55, T-72, T-80, BMP-1, BMP-2, BTR-60, BTR-70, BTR-80, BRDM-2, and other variants of the T-72 including another recent variant, being the T-72BME. The T-72BM2 'Sling' made its debut on July 27th, 2022 where it was brought to Army proving grounds while being inspected by the Defence Minister of the Republic of Belarus, Lieutenant General Viktor Khrenin who inspected the vehicle stating: "T-72BM2 fully meets the stated requirements, and after a series of tests, a decision will be made on its mass production and delivery to the troops. The most important thing is that this is our tank, made by the hands of our people. The main requirements are efficiency, power, stability, protection and convenience. Thanks to the work of the plant workers, the tank fully meets these criteria." calling for the vehicle to be produced as well as adopted by the Armed Forces of Belarus. The T-72BM2 utilizes the same gun found on the T-72B, being the 125mm 2A46M L/48 Smoothbore gun capable of firing multiple types of ammunition, including Gun-Launched ATGM's (GL-ATGM) such as the 9M119 Svir, or 9M119M Refleks. utilizes the Sosna-U Gunner's Sight with integrated new Fire Control System, allowing the T-72BM2 to engage targets similarly to the T-72B3 especially during night operations. The Driver and Commander are also equipped with Passive IR sights being the TVNE-4B/TSNV and ТКN-3B respectively. Additional armament includes the 7.62mm PKT Coaxial Machine Gun controlled by the Gunner as well as a 12.7mm NSVT Anti-aircraft Machine Gun mount equipped with a IR Searchlight controlled by the Commander. The T-72BM2 is equipped with a 840hp V-84MS Diesel Engine, the same utilized by the T-72BME main battle tank. The transmission is unknown, but most likely the same as the T-72BME being a manual 7F1R transmission which would allow the T-72BM2 to reach speeds of 65-70km/h. The T-72BM2 is equipped with a unique dynamic protection in the form of 'Relikt' Explosive Reactive Armor (ERA). It is unknown if this ERA is modified 'Relikt' ERA or an indigenous form of it, however it is believed to offer close to the same level of protection against Kinetic rounds as well as HEAT-shaped Charges. Additional plating is provided on the turret as well as on the sides of the 8x 81mm 902B 'Tucha' Smoke Grenade Launchers. The vehicle is also equipped with Bar armor to protect its engine compartment from light forms of HEAT-shaped charges. The T-72BM2 'Sling' is a very promising vehicle, expected to join the ranks of the Belarusian Army, as well as complementing existing tanks such as the T-72B3 received from Russia.
    • The goal of these suggestions is to bring awareness to the fledgling indigenous defense industry of the country of Belarus.
  • Role : Main Battle Tank 
  • Origin/Manufacturer
    • Belarus/140th Repair Plant
  • Armament :
    • Primary: 2A46M L/48 Smoothbore Gun 
      • Cartridge: 125mm 
        • Ammunition: 
          • APFSDS-T
          • HEAT-FS
          • HE-FRAG
          • GL-ATGM
            • 9M119 Missile
      • Feed System: 
        • 2E28M, 22rd-Autoloader, 44rds total. 
    • Coaxial: 7.62mm PKT Machine Gun 
    • Roof-mounted: 12.7mm NSVT Machine Gun 
  • Maneuverability
    • Engine: 840hp V-84MS Diesel Engine
    • Transmission: Manual (7-Forward, 1-Reverse)
    • Chassis: Torsion Bar
    • Max Speed: 65-70km/h (5km/h Reverse)
  • Dimensions
    • Length: ~6.7m
    • Width: ~3.4m
    • Height: ~2.2m
    • Weight: ~46t
  • Crew  (3x): 
    • Commander 
    • Gunner 
    • Driver 
  • Accessories
    • 8x 81mm 902B ‘Tucha’ Smoke Grenade Launchers 
    • Commander's IR Searchlight
    • Laser Rangefinder 
    • Armor:
      • Indigenous ERA (Similar to Relikt ERA) 
      • Rear bar armor for engine compartment.
    • Entrenching Blade 
    • ESS 
    • Optics: 
      • Driver: TVNE-4B/TSNV (Passive IR)
      • Gunner: Sosna-U Gunner's Sight
      • Commander: ТКN-3B (Passive IR)
        • Can operate the main gun independently of the Gunner.
  • In-game
    • The T-72BM2 'Sling' is a unique T-72B upgraded by Belarus that essentially combines the armor protection of the T-80BVM with the T-72B. Being heavily armored and capable of firing all modern Russian rounds, the T-72BM2 would be a force to reckon with, with similar play styles to that of the T-80BVM, albeit a little slower. Not to mention it has two weak points on the upper glacis at the towing hooks as well as the Driver's station and right side of the manlet. It would be a unique addition to the U.S.S.R. tree with other Belarusian vehicles, being able to be added to the standard tree or as a Premium/Squadron.
    • Estimated Battle Rating: 10.7-11.0. 
  • Sources





Front view of the T-72BM2.


Rear view of the T-72BM2.


Inspection of the T-72BM2 'Sling' turret.



Images during trials.


The Sosna-U used by the Gunner.


The TKN-3B used by the Commander.


Different optics including the TVNE-4B used on the T-72BM2 by the Driver.


The 2A46M and 2A46M-1 125mm guns.


The PKT Machine gun.


The NSVT Anti-Aircraft Machine Gun.

Video of the T-72BM2 of Belarus.

A video breakdown of the T-72BM2 'Sling'.


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  • Yontzee changed the title to T-72BM2 'Sling': The Belarusian Slingshot

The T-72BM2 is aT-72 upgraded to near-protection levels of the T-80BVM, surpassing the T-72B3 UBH. It maintains the same capabilities in terms of armament as the T-72B3 but with a 840hp-diesel engine, a bit better than the standard T-72, but not a game changer in mobility as the 1,130hp diesel engine in the T-72B3 UBH. Not to mention, it uses the renown Sosna-U Gunner sight offering excellent thermals. It’s definitely a solid BR: 10.7.

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Bru reverse speed is still garbage. +1

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ERA is likely not Relikt but something Belarus cobbled up to mimic Relikt panels.
Hence protection likely not on similar level as Relikt but should be better than Kontakt-5.


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On 19/05/2023 at 18:42, TheNexonRegime said:

Some more pictures have surfaced thanks to the MILEX-2023 arms expo.


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Just saw these images, nice detail. :good:

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