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San Giorgio-class Training Destroyer, San Giorgio (D 562) - From General to Saint


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San Giorgio-class Training Ship San Giorgio (D 562) 




One of the Capitani Romani-class (Roman Captains) scout cruisers (or destroyer leaders depending on the translation of esploratore), originally laid down in 1939 by the CNR Ancona as Pompeo Magno. It was commissioned in 1943, and based in Taranto. It carried out some minelaying missions and supposedly clashed with British MTBs during the night of July 12th, sinking 3 of a squadron of 5, though it also possible that the ship involved was sister ship Scipio Africanus. Nevertheless, after the Italian Armistice, it avoided capture by the Germans, and sailed to Malta where it surrendered with the Italian fleet. 


After the war, Pompeo Magno avoided being handed over to the French fleet like its sisters because of a misunderstanding where the French believed the hull to be defective, though parts of it were cannibalized for the ships taken by France. As such, it remained in the Italian fleet, and in 1950 it and the salvaged Giulio Germanico were reconstructed as destroyers. They were fitted with modern US radar and sonar systems, 3 twin 5-inch guns, multiple Bofors cannons, and an anti-submarine mortar (Pompeo Magno also got new engines). Pompeo Magno was renamed San Giorgio, and returned to service in 1955, serving as the flagship of the 2nd Naval Division. It took part in parades and training exercises, and was again reclassified as a destroyer leader in 1957. In 1963, it was removed from active service and sent to La Spezia to be refitted into a training ship. The Bofors and a twin turret were removed and replaced with 3 76mm automatic cannons, 2 triple ASW torpedo tubes replaced the depth charges, and the engines changed to a combined diesel and gas turbine system. The refit was completed in 1965 and it replaced the training cruiser Raimondo Montecuccoli at the Naval Academy of Livorno. It carried out 14 training cruises and served until 1980, when it was replaced by the cruiser Caio Duilio, and it was scrapped in 1987.


Specifications: (1965)


2x2 5"/38 (127mm) in Mk.38 mounts

3x1 76mm/62 OTO Melara MMI

1x3 305mm Menon ASW Mortar

2x3 324mm ASW Torpedo Tubes



3270 tons standard

4420 tons full


Length: 142.2m


Beam:  14.4m


Draft:  4.5m


Propulsion: 4 Fiat-Tosi diesel engines and 2 Tosi-Metrovick G6 gas turbines, 31 600 hp, driving 2 shafts


Speed: 28 knots (51.9 km/h)


Range: 5560nmi (at 18 knots)


Crew: 314



AN/SPS-6 Radar

SG-6B Radar

Mk.37 Fire Director

Galileo Orion 3 FCR

SQS-11 Sonar




As Destroyer:




SAN_GIORGIO_2_7_55_GE_4.jpg SAN_GIORGIO_2_7_55_GE_3.jpg



Training Ship:




Drawings and Models:












http://www.naviecapitani.it/gallerie navi/navi militari storiche/schede navi/S/San Giorgio/San Giorgio.htm











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Hopefully I didn't get something wrong, don't want to face the wrath of the ITA-Suggestion group lmao. Also, shout out to Ruthless95
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  • R_nminbiY_n changed the title to San Giorgio-class Training Destroyer, San Giorgio (D 562) - From General to Saint

A definite +1 from me, the San Giorgio-Class is to be completely honest one of the most interesting post-WWII Italian Naval designs to see service. I would absolutely love to see her implemented in game!

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I think San Giorgio must added in its initial configuration as a main tree ship and San Marco (still in its standard configuration) as a premium. The training ship configuration have lower firepower since the 76mm are almost useless against destroyers and the torpedoes are useless against anything that is not a submarine

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