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=TITAN= is Recruiting!!!


What are our requirements for you?. *read below

1) must have Discord because we need it for comms and channel activity which is on daily basis ( or when you have time to come online )

2) You must be 16 or older 

3) subject that are banned : religion, nationality, race, sexuality and everything that could bring disturbance to any of our members

4) be mature, funny, outgoing, hangout with other members on the channel, interact = it is really easy because every one of us is really friendly and willing to help

5) before you apply to our squadron look at the info on the squadron page.

We need members for squadron battles, that is one of our main priorities. We are open to all members but just be mature and behave yourself because mutual respect is the foundation of a good team. One of the things that we will provide to you is full help in your grind. No matter how low in BR are you playing.

Usually there is someone always online during the day but mostly we are gathering up in the evening by EU time although we have US members too.

What about game modes someone will ask?
Most of us play realistic modes from tanks, planes, helicopters and ships but there are members that will match you're playstyle so don't worry at all about that.


If you have any question, just send a DM here on the forum or discord to any of our officers ( Haugur and RO_9er ).


Discord server



Discord contact:



Thank you for your time and attention! 
Good hunting to you all!!!

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