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Wallet warriors inc (WWin) is recruiting everyone including solo players. Squadron vehicle grind. EU based but accepting everyone


Hi all,

We are a bunch of friends in our 30's and 40's that recently moved over from competitive World of warships (top 8 EU) and World of tanks to War Thunder. Our squadron Wallet warriors inc is all about getting squadron points for vehicles.

You are welcome to join us on our discord after joining our squadron but if you don't feel like it we won't pressure you. Whether you are here to play with us on discord or just solo we don't really care either way so come on and join us if you are asocial and just want dem research points.

If you actually want to play with us we gonna welcome you with open arms on our discord, s*it maybe you can even teach us a thing or two about the game. While we are absolute Aces atm we have a very competitive mind set and are always on the look out on how to improve in the game like we did in every previous online game we played. We still have loads to go before we start playing Squadron battles but mark my words once we get there we gonna kick some serious a**. While playing with your squad mates we ask that you use a discord for better communication though.

Squadron tag: WWin

Contact me via discord:Arrowfaster#4282




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