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( AMX-50 (TO90/930) - Vehicle Severely Overweight

# Game version

My game version: (


# Description


Currently in-game AMX-50 (TO90/930) weighs 52t:


This is grossly incorrect. Historically, the TO90/930 turret and ammo weighed far less than TO/TOA100 turrets previously mounted to the AMX-50 chassis.


To start off, we will begin with the weight breakdown for the base AMX-50:



To get down to the weight of just the chassis, we start off with a grand total of 53.7t (53.5t in the technical manual):




Then we can remove the weight of the combat equipped turret, plus the three man turret crew:
53.7t (53.5t)

-15.64t [15.4t+(3x80kg)]


Minus the hull ammo weight:
-1.08t (36x30kg)

= 36.98t (36.78t)


Now we add back in the weight of the 90/930 hull ammo:



+0.78t (36x21.66kg)  (650kg/30=21.66kg)


And the TO90/930 turret combat-equipped weight:


= 45.98t (45.78t)


Of course, as it was mentioned in the AMX-50 manual, the chassis was to undergo renovations in which it would lose 2t. This would to lead to a figure of:

43.98t (43.78t)


So, we have a few options with which to work with. If we stick with the absolute most conservative figure calculated, we end up with a total weight of 45.98 or 46t simply. This provides a respectable 21.74hp/t.
If on the other hand we go with the more liberal figure, which has standing, but is less certain, we end up with a low figure of 43.78 or 43.8t. This would boast an impressive 22.83hp/t.


In conclusion, based on starting figures, the weight for AMX-50 (TO90/930) should be corrected from 52t to 43.8-46t.


# Affected vehicles

  • AMX-50 (TO90/930)


# Sources

Sources should comply with the requirements.

  1. Source 1

    1. AMX-50 Technical Blueprints:

    2. Spoiler


    3. Spoiler


  2. Source 2

    1. AMX-50 Technical Manual:

    2. Spoiler


    3. Spoiler


  3. Source 3
    1. Char 25t Technical Blueprint:
    2. Spoiler


    3. Spoiler



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