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=RARE= is Recruiting Squadron Ranked Battle Players!








We are a newer but full of Veteren War Thunder players!

We are US and EU based competitive squadron focused on Squad Ranked Battles. 

We are currently ranked in the top 100

We run weekly SRB training session's focused on map strategy and vehicle training.

There's always players active to run RB and SB matches with as well.

We have a discord:  http://Discord.gg/CopeWT

We also have a website:  http://www.rarewt.com





Inhale the Copium!



Squadron Requirements


Level 100


1.0 k/d

Working Mic

Able to speak English (Doesn't have to be first language)

Listens to Squadron Officers

Work with teamates and be non-toxic

Willing to Listen/Learn

Enjoys Winning!

Mid Season Personal Squadron Rating of 500 Points

End of Season Personal Squadron Rating of 1000  Points






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