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9A35M2 incorrect missile launcher damage model


Game version



9A35M2's (Strela-10M2) missile launcher damage model (at least in the X-Ray) includes the IFF interrogator (Source 1). 

image.png.13dfa41682cf85bba681ab2bad6205 image.png.5a12db145c6c76ad77f436b947d318


The IFF interrogator should be either part of the ranging radar, or its own separate module.


Steps to reproduce the issue

  1. Preview the 9A35M2
  2. Select X-Ray
  3. Hover over the missile launcher
  4. O B S E R V E


Affected vehicles

  • 9A35M2


Source 1

image.png.7f76a912eb62b94893bfa78af9f8bd Taken from https://www.kaznu.kz/Content/ЗРК «Стрела-10»/page12.html


The reason I used that website as a source is because it is the page of the Military faculty of Kazakhstan's National University named after al-Farabi. It basically a manual for the Strela-M2 but in a web form.



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Thank you for your time and effort.  However, this does not appear to be a historic issue report.  


Any reports that do not have to do with historic issues should be done on the Community Bug Reporting platform site.




The Tech Mod Team

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