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The Strategic Air Command Mil-Sim is looking for New Members!


Greetings Pilots!

I am Maajra from the Strategic Air Command Mil-Sim based out of discord! As of late, we have decided to come together and create a Mil-Sim based around the USAF. We train pilots on how to fly bombers and fighters in real life formations and use real life tactics. We fly aircraft from WW2 all the way to top tier, against aggressors and against other Mil-Sims.

We are based out of discord and do not have an in game squadron. You can stay in your current squadron and participate in our trainings, operations, and community events! However we do require attendance in trainings in order to participate in the fun events.

If you are interested feel free to join at https://discord.gg/N6hdsRN9vC, and if you have any questions there is a chat in the server just for that!

Hope to see you at the next training!

medal medal

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