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I think it's still a bit tricky for random players to join matches.

Players currently without a squad or whose current squad is not in an operation, must do:

- Enter World War main menu;

- Find a operation;

- Have to select or change vehicles before search a battle in a operation;

- Selects a battle that is about to start or has already started.


In my opinion, it could be easier and more practical if the player could configure his line up of vehicles already in the main menu of World War. And that you could also press "To Battle" while still in the main menu without having to search for an operation and join an operation. "To Battle World War" could be works like the randoms battle we have to fight in normal mode when we are in the hangar.

So, the process would look like this:

- The player enter World War Main Menu;

- Select your vehicles line up, according to each nation;

- Chose the nation who wants play, could be chose both;

- Tap "To Battle" in Main Menu and will play the last battle created in any operation that is in progress.


In this way, I believe that player participation would be greater and battles would be much better filled and started (without having to wait 30 minutes for a battle to start automatically).


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