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Orizzonte class destroyers


Orizzonte class   

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classe Orizzonte – ExTra REPORTS

MM Andrea Doria D553


Description: The Orizzonte class is a class of missile, anti-aircraft, and stealth destroyers. The project was a joint development between Italy and France; at the start of the project, the UK was in the project too, but they left to make their own destroyer (type 45, which in part is based on Orizzonte's projects). This ship is equipped with modern joint development technologies like the PAAMS anti-aerial system and SLAT for anti-torpedo defense. In the Italian navy, the Horizon class is called the Andrea Doria class or Orizzonte class; they were made to replace the two Audace class destroyers. The first unit, Andrea Doria D553, was launched on October 15, 2005, and she entered service on December 22, 2007. She took part in various NATO training operations and other anti-piracy operations like Ocean Shield. The second unit, Caio Duilio D554, was launched on October 23, 2007, and she entered the Italian Navy in 2009. She took part in Nato training operations like Proud Manta in the Ionian Sea on February 17, 2011, the Steadfast Jazz Training Operation in 2013 in the waters of northern Europe, and others.



leght: 152.9 meters

width: 20.3 meters 

drafth: 7.5 meters

Max speed: 29 knots

autonomy: 7000 mg

engine:CODOG on two controllable pitch propellers using: 2 GE LM-2500 gas turbines; 2 MAN Pielstick 12PA6 STC diesels

Crew: 194 people+32 optional

Aircaft and Helicopters: 2x SH 90 or 1x AW 101  1

Decoy Launching System (2 Launchers)  

1x Combat Management System 

2x Radar/EO Fire Control System 

1x Torpedo Self Defence System (SLAT)

Various navigation and detection sistems


3x 76/62 mm OTO Davide main gun

8x Otomat MK2 Block VI antiship missiles 

6x A50 Sylver Aster with a total of 48 Aster 15,30 missiles + 16 optional cells

2x 25 mm OTO-Oerlikon remote control gun 

2x 324 mm Eurotorp B515/3 torpedo launcher with MU 90 torpedo







D953 Andrea Doria classe orizzonte | Militari, Nave, Militare

Andrea Doria D553

Cacciatorpediniere Andrea Doria - Militarypedia

Cacciatorpediniere Andrea Doria - Militarypedia

76/62 mm OTO on the Andrea Doria D553

Salerno: in porto il cacciatorpediniere Caio Duilio - il Giornale di  Salerno .it

Caio Duilio D554

Nave Caio Duilio è arrivata negli Stati Uniti a Norfolk

Caio Duilio D554


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