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On this day in 2019, Pakistan Air Force launched Operation Swift Retort.

Da ssault Mirage-IIIDAs & Mirage-VPAs carried out airstrikes on Indian military targets with H-4 Raptor SOWs. Moreover, JF-17 Thunders also carried out airstrikes with Takbir smart bombs. All of this under the cover of F-16 & JF-17 Escorts which resultantly shot down a Mig-21 Bison and an unconfirmed Su-30 with AIM-120C5 BVR missiles fire from F-16B Block-15 MLU & F-16A Block-15 MLU.

A detailed account of this operation is done by renowned Kaiser Tufail in his two articles:


84606 General Dynamics F-16BM 11(MR) 39W Pakistan Air Force Konya AFB 30.6.22 (52233200683).jpg


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