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Flaccid Squadron is recruiting :)


Hello random person looking at the forums, want to join a casual squadron with a funny name with players who like to do silly custom battles?

Well I got just the squadron for you, we mainly play Realistic Battles but we like to mess around in other game modes too.

The members we have so far are a mix of newer players and veteran players (such as myself) so we like to play a multitude of Game Modes and Battle Ratings and we don't care if you just started the game or have been playing for 10 years.

While we do often joke about one in game nation being lesser than others we play just about anything.

Our Squadron mainly plays on the NA server and we are a made up of a majority of English speakers.

There is no age limit but we would prefer not to have a little kid joining due to the nature of our humor.

Most of us use Mouse and Keyboard but its not a requirement

We have quite a few members in the EST timezone but we have people from different continents so there's almost always someone on if they aren't at school or work

We have a Discord server we use to talk to each other so if you want to join it send me a message

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