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Armament of Ho 229/Go 229

Hello everyone,


I would like to share some information about the armament of the Ho 229 aircraft, which is also known as the Horten Ho 229 or Gotha Go 229. This was a German bomber and fighter aircraft that was built during World War II, and it was designed to be a highly advanced aircraft with cutting-edge technology for its time.


One of the primary weapons that the Ho 229 was supposed to have were the two MK 108 30mm guns. These were powerful and reliable guns that could deliver a devastating amount of firepower, making them ideal for taking down enemy aircraft or ground targets.


However, it's worth noting that the Ho 229 was also designed to have additional armament beyond the MK 108 (30mm) guns. Specifically, it was supposed to have two MG 151/20 20mm machine guns in addition to the MK 108s and one MK 108 in nose. These guns were also highly effective and would have given the Ho 229 even more firepower.


In any case, it's fascinating to consider the potential capabilities of the Ho 229 if it had been fully equipped with all of its intended armament. Despite its relatively short lifespan and limited production, the Ho 229 remains an important and innovative aircraft in the history of aviation.


These details about the Ho 229's armament come from a variety of sources, including:

  • "Horten Ho 229: Spirit of Thuringia - The Horten All-Wing Jet Fighter" by Andrei Shepelev and Huang Qin, published in "Wings of Fame" vol. 17.

  • "Horten Ho 229: Technical History" by Peter E. Davies, published in "Warbirds International".

  • "Horten Ho 229: The Spirit of Thuringia. The Horten All-Wing Jet Fighter" by Andrei Shepelev and Huang Qin, published by Midland.

  • "Horten Ho 229 - The Luftwaffe's Ultimate Weapon" by Andrei Shepelev, published by Classic Publications.


Thank you for reading, and feel free to share your thoughts or ask any questions!

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