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510th Fighter Squadron Buzzards Recruiting

We are the 510th Fighter Squadron "Buzzards" (-BUZRD-), named after the Squadron that my grandfather flew with in Vietnam. We are a group who prioritize playing for fun rather than being super competitive (although we do like to compete occasionally). Anyone and everyone is encouraged to join regardless of what vehicles you do/don't have (if you just joined the game and are stuck in reserves, you are more than welcome to join us). Additionally, we are a diverse group of members from North America and Europe and would love to get more membership from all countries/continents and people who speak any and all languages (most of us speak English).


Our goal is to set up a group of people who can enjoying playing the game together while doing friendly competitions with other squadrons and from within the squadron itself. There are no minimum requirement to join (only that you stay somewhat active) and we play everything (Air, Ground, Naval, AB, RB, and SIM).


We set up squadron events like historical custom battles, or just random custom battles with things such as helicopter duels, death matches, giant guns-only dogfights, custom air/land/sea battles, hide & seek, and much more. We additionally do competitions and friendly matches against other squads.


Join the discord server and we'll get you set up.


Thank you and we'll see you on the battlefield.






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