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Planned Battle Rating changes



Ground vehicles

We continue the planned increase of the Battle Ratings for top ranked vehicles - some vehicles beginning at BR 9.7 will receive a simultaneous increase one step higher. In addition to top ranked ground vehicles, the BR of helicopters and some high ranked aircraft will also change one step higher. This change will noticeably improve the situation for vehicles with BR 8.7-9.0. In the future changes will also affect these vehicles but only after gathering statistics on the result of the current change.

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Aircraft Simulator Battles

The increase of the maximum BR for aircraft led to the fact that in [Enduring Confrontation] missions in one battle depending on the rotation could meet aircraft of BR 9.7 and 12.0. We plan to add one another top range [9] [Enduring Confrontation] which will cover the following ranges: 11.7-12.0, 11.3-12.0 and also 11.0-12.0.

In addition we plan to change the initial BR ranges in the 1st and 4th variants.






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