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Planned Battle Rating changes

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Dear players! We appreciate your feedback and suggestions. In the recent BR update we continued to introduce our approach to gradually increase the Battle Ratings of the top- and pre-top vehicles. This approach allows us to identify solid leaders and outsiders by combat efficiency and make corresponding adjustments to the planned BR updates. This time we are updating the BR 9.7+ vehicles (including a few 9.3 vehicles) in order to reconsider BR 9.3-9.7 vehicles and below. Thanks to your feedback, we’ve also noticed a few rank III vehicles (such as Comet and T-34-85), which also had their BR updated. 


As for the Harrier GR.1 (1) efficiency, it could have a higher rating, but due to the massive feedback we decided to reduce its BR to 9.7 both in RB and SB. We will closely monitor its efficiency after this update. We have also noticed your suggestions concerning the G.91Y (1,2). At the moment we are working on the new weapon menu, including new air-to-surface munitions for this aircraft. This requires specific model updates, and new weapons to be introduced to the game in one of the upcoming updates. Also, the previously announced BR updates for Fw 190 D-12 and Ta 152 C-3 (1, 2, 3, 4) in RB mode will also not be introduced yet: although these aircraft remain BR rise candidates, we decided to wait and monitor their efficiency a little more.


Some aircraft receive their BR updates in accordance with their modifications: The American F-8E (USA) gets BR 10.0 in SB, same as the French F-8E(FN); Chinese F-5A gets its BR 10.7 in RB, same as the F-5E. After the F4U-1A (USA), the British Corsair F Mk II and Japanese F4U-1A will have their BR lowered to 3.3 in SB. Although we agree with your suggestions to lower the BR of the AH-6M, but only in the AB. Further changes of ground vehicles and helicopters will take us further research.


We were pleased to hear your positive feedback on the top-tier Enduring Confrontation mode. Other BR changes in the SB mode will also support the variability for all rotations regardless of the week. Unfortunately, some of your suggestions did not take into account the possible encounters for the minimum BR value. However, after analysing the feedback and statistics, we decided to increase Ariete's BR to 9.0. At the same time, we do not plan to lower the BR of the C.202 EC in the upcoming rating updates, which might not correspond to SB matches at 2.3-3.7. 


[9] Enduring Confrontation changes will be implemented later.

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With the Leo 2A4s going up to 10.3, it would now make sense for it to receive DM33. Good to see 2S38 up in BR and the SU-25 as well!


Harrier GR.1 however needs to go down in BR. 9.7 or even 9.3 minimum.

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Char 25t : Should stay to 7.3, this can already struggle in a uptier, now it will fight even more heavier MBT, it's not possible.

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For Air Sim:

      1)   J6K1 BR from 6.3--->5.7.   Arguments:

a)A7M1/M2 are way lower at 4.7/4.0 respectively while being way more lethal fighters.

b)Many,many spitfires,BF109s,Yaks,LAs,Italian fighters sit under 6.3 even if they have superior climb rate and turn fighting capacity that put this plane to shame.

c)The 5.7 br is way more populated than 6.0 and upwards so the plane can actually get working lobbies.

      2) KI 87 BR from 6.0---->5.7. Arguments

a)It cant turn with planes of same br.

b)It can't climb with planes of same br.

c)P47m a comparable plane that actually can double as CAS sits at 5.7 .

d)The 5.7 br is way more populated than 6.0 and upwards so the plane can actually get working lobbies.

     3)Increase the BRs of A7m1/2,Wyvern,they are way too good for the brs they sit in.




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These changes are all pretty good, (For ground RB at least) but there are some oddities that need addressing.

Why keep these at 11.3? I don't see the reasoning behind it.
As someone who has and plays all 3, they're still competetive with the other top tier MBTs, even if they're little lacking.
If the challenger 2E and Black Knight get moved up, which are honestly worse vehicles, why not move the Leclercs up too?

Why move these up? They aren't competitive, and they should've stayed at 11.0.
The aformentioned Leclercs are now the same BR, while being outright better vehicles.

2S6 Tunguska
Why reduce this vehicles BR? It is a more then capable Anti-Air, with the technology it possesses being on par or slightly worse then most other top tier AAs.
Even if people use it mainly as a glorified Anti-Tank vehicle, that doesn't excuse it's reduction in BR.

Merkava Mk.4M / 4B
They should stay 11.3, until the erroneous two rounds behind the engine are removed, and the armour is improved.

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Finally they looked at the chaotic situation this tank created in 8.7 to 9.7, I think you could still easily put him in 10.3.


Char25T 7.3 >> 7.0
This tank can barely fight with 8.3 and 8.0 , since he doesn't have a reload as fast as lorraine, amx 50 and amx13-90 , I never understood why they raised him to 7.3 now 7.7 is to disable him for nothing .


TAM 2C   stay in 9.7 

The tam is a good tank that does its job well in 9.7 , but he is not seen that much in the matches , I do not think that the tam can be compared to a CV90105 that is in 9.7 , loads in a few seconds , is immensely fast and has great features thermals...

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Highly appreciated that EC9 will be added for Air Sim EC!

What I see problematic however is that the ground attack Tornados all also rise to 11.7, which inevitably forces them into Viper/Fulcrum territory where they have only a negligible chance to survive

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Note: AB = Arcade Battle, RB = Realistic Battle

RB: 2.7 > 3.3
Reason: Good to see it go up, but it should go up to 3.3 at least. Most 2.0 would have trouble with the sides.

AB/RB: 4.0 > 3.7
Reason: M24 Chaffee has same gun, but it's stabilized and has a .50 machinegun on the roof. Speed/acceleration of AMX-13 chassis is marginally better, but significantly more unstable. Should not be higher BR than Chaffee.

AB/RB: 3.7 > 4.0
Reason: Best of both Chaffee and AMX-13, therefor higher BR than both.

AB/RB: 4.0 > 4.3, Rank 2 > 3
Reason: Up armored version should not be same BR as original.

RB: 4.0 > 4.3
Reason: Up armored version of normal KV-1 makes it too strong for most 3.0 guns.

RB: 3.3 > 3.7
Reason: Better than F2, therefor not the same BR.

RB: 3.7 > 4.0, Rank 2 > 3
Reason: Better than G variant, therefor not the same BR. Also, 4.0 should be Rank 3.

Stug III G, Dicker Max
Change: Rank 2 > Rank 3
Reason: Almost all other nations have 4.0 at Rank 3. Some even have 3.3 at Rank 3 (lloking at you, Japan).

E.B.R. (1951)
RB: 5.3 > 5.0
Reason: Isn’t almost as good as M18. It’s a 75mm gun on a fast, nimble chassis, but has almost no survivability. Shouldn’t be on same BR as M4A3E2.


RB: 6.7 > 6.3
Reason: Same gun as Jagdpanther, but trades maneuverability for armor. Should be somewhat same BR as Jagdpanther (and that's 6.0).

RB: 6.7 > 7.0
Reason: Same chassis as the T29, which is 7.0, and superior than the M26/T26.

Jp 4-5
RB: 6.3 > 7.3, Rank 4 > Rank 5
Reason: It’s a turretless RU251, should not be facing 75mm M4A3E2 Jumbo

Change: Rank 5 > Rank 4
Reason: Tiger II H is Rank 4. Cold war era starts at Rank 5, therefor Jagdtiger should be 4.

RB: 7.0 > 6.7, Rank 5 > Rank 4
Reason: Was fine where it was. It’s still only a Pz IV, no survivability against guns above .50. Also, seeing as the M53/59 is 'only' 6.3 after the BR changes with more pen and better RoF, should't it be slightly better as it has slightly more armor?

Wiesel 1A4
RB: 7.0 > 7.3
Reason: If ammo switch is fixed to be instant as irl version has, then BR increase else its fine.

RU 251, Rank 4 > 5
BR: 7.0 > 7.7
Reason: Should not be facing IS-2, but Tiger II H at best. Also, better than Jp 4-5, which should be 7.3.

Leopard 1
RB: 7.3 > 8.0
Reason: Should not face 76mm Jumbo or Tiger II H on a full downtier.

In fact, all Cold War era (1950+) vehicles should go up by 0.7-1.0 BR. HEAT-FS ruins armor meta at 6.7-7.7, which is where the IS-3/IS-4, T29/T32/T34 and the M103's are.

BR: 2.7 > 3.0
Reason: It’s slightly better than E-1, so should be higher. F4U-1A is 3.3 with slightly better options.

BR: 2.7 > 3.3
Reason: It’s better than P-40F-1 and the same as the normal F4U-1A, so should be higher.

BR: 3.0 > 3.7
Reason: Almost as good as P-51C-10 and better than F4U-1A, so should be higher.

RB: 4.0 > 5.0
Reason: Is superior in almost every way to the Firebrand TF, which is at the same BR. It’s even superior or equal to most 5.0 fighters in the speed department. Should not be facing 3.0.

Role: Bomber > Strike aircraft
Reason: Fulfills the same role as the PBJ-1H and He 123 B-2 and those are strike aircraft.

Do-217 E-2
RB: 4.7 > 4.3
Reason: Worst version of all Do-217 bombers, should therefore not be same BR. Also gives BR 4.3 a Rank 3 bomber option.

He-162 A-1
RB: 6.0 > 6.3
Reason: Early jet, but with Mk-108. Should not face 5.0.

He-162 A-2
RB: 6.0 > 6.7
Reason: Early jet, but with 20mm. Better than A-1.

RB: 7.0 > 7.7
Reason: Faster and more maneuverable than the F3D, shouldn’t be the same BR for the same role. Same speed and guns as F-80C-10, which are the M3 variant, so should be same BR as that one at least.

Me 262a-1a, Me 262 c-1, Me 262 c-2
BR: -0.3
Reason: Me-262a series has worse flight performance than F-80A. Also, the 4x Mk108 shell velocity severely hinders the plane, .50 is way more effective against early jets than slow 30mm. Jabo is fine because of rockets.

RB: 7.3 > 8.0
Reason: Same reasoning as wyvern actually. Also, comparable to F9F-2 and that’s 8.0.

BR: 7.0 > 8.0
Reason: Totally ridiculous plane at 7.0. Should face 7.7 - 8.3 regularly, not 6.7/7.0. Comparable to F9F-5.

RB: 7.0 > 8.0, Fighter > Strike aircraft
Reason: proxy fuse rockets should only be on 7.0 on full downtier. Slightly less performance than F-89B, but rockets make up for it.

BR: 7.7 > 8.0
Reason: Faster and more maneuverable than the F9F-5 and that’s a fighter at 8.3.

G.91 R/3
Role: Fighter > Strike aircraft
Reason: No a2a capability except for 2x 30 mm cannons, but good a2g capability. Comparable to A-4B, which is a strike aircraft. Also, why does it lose 1x 30mm for 4 wing-mounted AS-20 Nords? Either make it a strike aircraft or give it AIM-9B like the R/4. Also give G91 custom loadouts.

GR91 R/4
BR: 8.7 > 9.0
Reason: Has 4x AIM-9B while also having 4x AS-20 Nords. Clearly superior loadout vs G/3. Also, it has 4x .50, which has better gun characteristics than 2x 30mm Defa, only less post-pen damage.

F-4E (early)
BR: 8.7 > 9.0
Reason: Has superior loadout and characteristics compared to the A-4B, which is also 8.7. A-4B has the right BR, therefor the F-4E should go up.

BR: 8.7 > 9.3
Has better loadout than F-4E.

Good to see the SU-25 finally going up. It’s been long enough for all-aspect missiles on 8.7/9.0 where there are barely any flares and only AIM-9B or equivalent.

In fact, all supersonic jets should go up 1.0 BR to give more room for planes with early missiles (AIM-9B, AIM-7) and lack of flares against better missles and get the gun-meta back for Sabre. This should make it possible to learn to use missles without getting killed by better equipped planes unless in a full uptier.

BR: 8.7 > 9.3
Reason: It’s not that worse than Mi-24V and that’s 9.7. Also, 4x 650mm ATGM on downtier to 7.7 is insane.

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BMP-2M should get higher bc. it's far superior to any other IFV in his br. especially better then the Begleitpanzer 57 yet they are at the same Br.

Begleitpanzer has no APFSDS shells, the velocity of his shells is way slower, it has no proximity fuze missiles and no tandem missiles and can't lock airplanes or Helis like the BMP-2M who even get's one of the most accurate lead indicators and is even better then any AA at his Br and let's not forget the Gen 2 Thermals and the armor that bounces the shells away really often.

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With tanks getting a decompression, I'd gladly accept french oscillating turrets like the Char 25T going up IF AND ONLY IF we get the historical 4 second reload that was forwarded with primary sources.
I wouldn't also mind leclercs following top tier if they were fixed or gotten new rounds and realistic reloads, as was forwarded again by the community long time ago.

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In regards to Air Simulator changes.

Ta 152C was perfectly fine at 5.7 battle rating for air simulator. There are aircraft on the allies that are more capable at a lower BR. (P-51s (5.0-5.3), P-47M(5.7), F4U-4's(5.3-5.7) and others.) 

Also, if you are going to raise the BR, does that mean the spawn cost (remember in Air Simulator, the WHOLE cost of the vehicle must be paid on SPAWN, not repair.) will be reduced? As it currently sits at a whopping 24,339SL spaded to spawn. Using the useful action system, one may deduce that it will take the average player 30 minutes of playing without losing the aircraft by any means to even make a profit. This is ridiculous.. 

If you're going to have balancing by Rank, Silver Lions and Battle Rating, at least have a trade-off. Raising BR while no report of lowering spawn cost is beyond me. 

Also if I may add, It would be quite nice to have the battle ratings of air simulator and ground simulator separated. These missions play very different from one another, and having all battle ratings combined into one makes for some very questionable changes. Separate BR's for separate modes would give more accurate statistics and overall better balancing integrity. 


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I'm very split on the changes in Air RB moving any jets down for realistic mode. The 9.x range is already horribly compressed, and as glad I am to see the Su-25 going up a year late, the crusader really has no place at 10.0 as a very capable dogfighter paired up with good missiles. The Su-7 and Su-17 both should not be going down, because they're both capable in their role of strike aircraft at their positions, and they can both defend themselves respectably - the Su-7 is fast and has powerful guns (and S-24s if you choose to equip those against fighters), and the Su-17 has 4 R-60s as well as swing wings that let it perform surprisingly well at most airspeeds. I do agree with the Su-22s going to 10.7, but I don't feel like it's appropriate to move the 17/22s below that.


Likewise, I don't think it's a good idea to move the F-5E down, but that's more so because I'm afraid of having to deal with that thing on top of the F-5Cs in a 9.7 jet.


For the love of God do not move that Ta-152C up again. You've put it in the same place as planes like the mk22/24 spits, Yak 23, R2Y2 etc where the plane isn't viable for most people in the current meta (which objectively, the Ta-152C is not), so the only people playing it are those who're particularly invested in it and will know how to perform well despite its disadvantage. You're penalising a plane because all the people who were less experienced with it stopped using it after the previous BR nerf and abandoned it, causing its statistics to appear to increase. Quite literally penalising a plane for being bad. Fighting this thing in an F2G, F4U-4B, Tempest or god forbid the P-51H was already a piece of cake when it was 6.0, I see no reason why it should go to 6.7 without addressing the dominance of the P-51H over the 6.x BR bracket and the absurd BR of the Spitfire Mk24. 


The yak 38M has 4 R-60s and a brilliant TWR and climb rate. Just, no. This plane has no place at 9.3, in the right hands it can already cause chaos at 9.7, the problem is that people still can't get over the fact that it isn't able to turnfight and do poorly in it. The yak 38 at 9.3 with 2 R-60s used to be very problematic before powercreep rolled in with R-60Ms at 9.7. Moving the Su-25 up is a step in the right direction, don't undo that progress with the yak.


For changes I'd like to propose:


-Sea Hawk and Vampire back down to 7.7. Both suffered from a lack of players playing them, and only people who really enjoyed the planes and did well with them were regularly playing them, causing their stats to be skewed. It's particularly bad in the vampire - this plane has no redeeming qualities at 8.0 and has a comically underpowered engine (both the British one which has the worst engine of them all ironically, and the exported vampires). I never see either of these planes any more, and they were quite rare to see when both were at 7.7 too.


-Spitfire mk22/24 to 6.3/6.7 respectively. Both of these planes are borderline useless at their current BRs. Having a prop at 7.0 in the first place is absurd, yet the P-51H is just as capable as both of these yet stays at 6.3. The mk22 has an underperforming engine that still hasn't been fixed after an old artificial nerf despite bug reports, and these spitfires are hardly played because the changes to their BRs have made them just plain bad and not worth playing. Half the time you spawn into sim maps as well, because playing over Vietnam with jets in a postwar superprop is somehow fair and balanced. The spit can't hold high speeds like jets, all it really gets is one dive where it cashes in all of its energy in an attempt to catch up to someone who can simply point their nose away and run if they have any common sense. 


-R2Y2 (all versions) to 7.7. I haven't seen anyone fly these planes in a long while. They used to be 7.3 and were fair to fight then, yet somehow just like the vampire, they've been forced all the way to 8.0 where nobody plays them apart from people who really love the aircraft - who obviously will tend to perform better than average and skew the stats. It's a silly BR placement and this is just killing variety in the matchmaker (which gaijin has used as an excuse to not decompress BRs in the past), because only a select few vehicles are going to be capable after all the others with unique strengths and weaknesses have been uptiered into oblivion. 


-Yak 23 and 30 to 8.3. I haven't seen these planes in a while, they're slow, and they can't hold up against the 9.7 opponents they keep facing. I want to see these vehicles and be able to fight them with variety in the populations of each team! A plane that rips at 1000kph and struggles to reach above that respectively both being placed at 8.7 is silly and unfair. 


For ground RB:

The breda is a clunky vehicle and I've never had any problems fighting it, even before the previous BR nerf it had. It's an open top that's vulnerable to coaxial MGs, it has limited gun traverse, no neutral steering and a wide turning circle, and its gun isn't even particularly spectacular side-by-side with other comparable vehicles - the Panzer IV has only ~10mm less pen at a whole 1.0BR lower, and has more pen on its APCR round, for example. This is another vehicle that's being punished because not many people play it, and because its limitations force players to play in a way that keeps them safer - the option to play more brashly is simply not there, unlike tanks like the panzer IV, T-34, sherman etc.


Other than that, the ground changes do seem pretty fair and positive. If the 2S6 is going down then so too should the OTOMATIC and British ADATS, as the former lacks missiles and the latter lacks a gun and the 2S6 is arguably far more capable than both. Moving the 2S6 down while moving all the other top tier SPAAs up is a problematic decision, especially with the capability of top tier CAS right now.



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F-5A (China)


Since F-5E and F-5E(China) goes to 10.7, there is no reason F-5A(China) could stay in 11.0



add the capability of 16 Ataka missiles.

The performance of the Mi-35M is not prominent compare to Mi-28N, even Mi-28A could carry 16 Ataka missiles.



should not go to 11.0

The performance of AKD-9 is not good against the ground target in top tier even sub top tier, it's not worth making it to 11.0 with the expansion of ground BR. Also, Z-19/Z-19E goes to 11.0 and will have a hard time fitting in the Chinese ground lineup.


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All high tier SPAA should remain at their respective BR's (or even go lower), except for the Pantsir, which should move to 11.7. The reason behind it is that while most of the tanks and helis moved up, jets are still remaining at their previous BR's, so this will be a buff to already very powerfull CAS. On top of that, there are still helis that outrange AA at their BR's. 

For example: (if the changes apply) Ka-50 in a 11.0 game will completely outrange everything on the ground as it hovers over the battlefield 9 km away from it; A-6 can stay in orbit and desimate entire teams before a fighter shows up; LYNX can stay 8 km away from the battlefield with no AA baing able to reach it.

My point is, no helicopter should outrange SPAA, which is a problem that we already have and will get worse if SPAA will get moved up.


LYNX, G-LYNX (and any other heli with hellfires at 10.0/10.3) should be moved to 10.3/10.7. Again, these helicopters completely outrange practically anything on the ground. They can safely hover at 8 km and demolish half the team (they got thermals, spotting is no problem) before an aircraft shows up to kill it.

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Freccia P.493: go down to 4.3-4.0.
It has little to no ability to fight most of the coastal vessels at its own tier, much less the destroyers and cruisers it regularly is forced to face as well.
An alternative would also be to give it literally any form of Armor Piercing shell so it can at the very least engage Armored gunboats.

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Good day, I will not say much this time but I believe one thing that's going up shouldn't really and I also believe something not listed definitely should go up.


HMCS Terra Nova, Restigouche class destroyer, Should stay at 3.7.


So this ship has a split armament with the fore weapon being the 3"/70 QF Mark N1 cannons & aft 3"/50 Mk.22 cannons the aft cannons which the aft cannons don't get access to APHE shells like the other ships with the same weapon along with both shells this ship carries being weaker then other 3" weapons for dealing with other larger destroyers.


I could definitely not see this vessel being 4.0 as for surface warfare it's weaker then the current 4.0 Type 41 AA Frigate.


While I may not have it currently my assessment holds up well in test sail along with the footage I've seen of it and the times I've fought it in combat with similar sized destroyer escorts that were with similar weaponry.



Pr.204 ASW Corvette, 3.7-4.0 


This corvette is a menace at 3.7 yet it can preform comfortably well at 4.0 imho this vessel shouldn't have been added at the current BR as it'll rip apart all competition.


This vessels only drawback is the ability of being hullbroke by any projectile larger then a 4" shell (if hit on the bow currently), To which I believe if they remove hullbreak from it and boot it up to 4.0 then it would be seen as reasonable, Yet if not then it still should be 4.0. 


Well for once I ain't making a massive list although I want to yet for once this will be it.

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It's very nice that Sidam-25 (Mistral) is going lower in GRB, but I also recommend to decrease the battle rating of the original Sidam-25 [GRB] from 8.3 to 8.0. 

It has major drawnbacks making it awful to play, such as:

- low range to deal with helicopters;

- no radar;

- almost impossible to use in night battles (no nvd);

- no ap shells in the standard belt;

- very limited self-defence options (15 rpg apds with a low penetration values compared to its peers);

- poor mobility.

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Agreed with everyone else in the Community that BMP2M needs to be  --->10.7 for the mentioned points of its ATGM, as well as the fact that it currently recieves an APDSFS round that has never been fielded by it and is not Russian.


I personally think the 2S38 higher ---> 11.0 especially with the upwards movement of the HSTV-L, seems odd the HSTV-L went up imo.


The 2S25 has a 700mm pen ATGM, so that should be ---> 10.3...the M1128 is 10.0, and only gets darts. Fighting the 2S25 at a 8.3 downtier is absurd


Please add air Proxy rounds for HSTV-L to keep at 11.3. It has very poor post pen and its strange it's BR is so high yet it's less capable than the 2S38.


Kpz70, MBT70 ---> 9.0 RB and XM803 ---> 8.7 It's darts are useless now, and it's stuck with the same washy ATGM as it's main armament from 8.0 tanks. I would even argue MBT70 at 8.7 and XM803 at 8.3 because the Shillelagh is it's primary armament, and we already see composite/ERA armors at those BRs but I doubt that'll stick around here.


Personally I'd like to see the late Panthers and Tiger I's go up ---> .3 br all across the board


M4A3E2 76 from 6.3 ---> 6.0, it's horrible to use in uptiers, in almost every way


T20 from 6.0 ---> 5.7 RB, it's just a different Sherman 76 and really isn't competitive anymore especially not when it fights 7.0s


I do sincerely appreciate these BR changes and listening to our feedback, this is genuinely what I see as most important atm, so thank you.

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Thank you
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Vehicles: Challenger 2, 2F, 2 TES

Suggestion: Keep BR at 11.0 in RB

Reason: These MBT's have poor mobility and unreliable armor. They are not meta. I believe these 3 tanks should not be moved to 11.3, and instead be kept at 11.0 BR in RB.


Vehicles: T54E1

Suggestion: Change BR from 8.0 to 7.7 in RB

Reason: Was already a very mediocre vehicle in the past, but has recently been nerfed (most noticeably the APDS is worse than before, and the reverse speed was cut quite substantially). The lack of stabilizer at 8.0 really hurts the vehicle. Don't think it would be unbalanced at 7.7, as other un-stabilized autoloading tanks already exist at that BR.


Vehicles: 2S6

Suggestion: Keep BR at 11.0 in RB


1 hour ago, Monika_in_action said:

Its missile could outrange every helicopter from 9.7 (AH-1S/F with TOW2) to 10.3 (Mi-28A with 9M120 ATKA),  just overwhelming. Despite its missiles being converted to new SACLOS mechanics, it's still deadly against helicopters and drones. Besides let's just don't forget Roland carriers were raised to 10.3 a few patches earlier.



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Thanks for the additional BR decompression.

All feedback regarding RB game modes:


While the decompression is great, I would opt for 12.3 as a max BR for planes just to have some additional space to decompress early jets from all aspect missiles.


F-14A 11.7 -> 12.0 arguable still one of the best Apex predators regarding top tier air. The F-14 should not be lower than the current "Apex Predators" it is for sure one of the top dogs and doesn't deserve to be any lower than the Mig-29 or F-16s.


A-6E TRAM 10.0 -> 10.7 way better CAS plane and plane in general regarding handling and suspended armament compared to SU-25s and A-10s.


Harrier GR.1 10.0 -> 9.7 yes, it stomped when it was introduced, but the advent of all aspect missiles and more planes with flares are making it worse. In no way should it be able to see 11.0 vehicles.


Hunter F6  9.7 -> 9.3 or 9.0 I see no reason why the Hunter F6 should be the same BR as the German squadron vehicle or other planes with far better missiles. The F11F-1 which also has speed, no flares and 4 missiles (9Bs) sits at 9.0. I really don't see the SRAAMs in the current state of air RB being a reason for a 2 steps higher BR.


---------------------------------- Tornado section beginning ----------------------------------


The Tornados are not competitive, I see no reason to increase their BR.


My suggestion would be


Tornado IDS -> 10.7 -> 10.3 compared to A-10s or SU-25s they have lackluster air to ground armament, only 2 air to air missiles and small canon ammo pool to prevent late game ground AI farming like the A-10 can do.


Tornado IDS (1995)(Italy) 11.3 -> 10.7 compared to A-10s or SU-25s they have lackluster air to ground armament, better than the event one but not stellar (looking at you Phantom II as an example) only 2 air to air missiles and small canon ammo pool to prevent late game ground AI farming like the A-10 can do.


Tornado IDS ASSTA1 (Germany) 11.3 -> 10.7 compared to A-10s or SU-25s they have lackluster air to ground armament, better than the event one but not stellar (looking at you Phantom II as an example) only 2 air to air missiles and small canon ammo pool to prevent late game ground AI farming like the A-10 can do.


Tornado GR.1 11.3 -> 10.7 compared to A-10s or SU-25s they have lackluster air to ground armament, better than the event one but not stellar (looking at you Phantom II as an example) only 2 air to air missiles and small canon ammo pool to prevent late game ground AI farming like the A-10 can do.


Even your stats should show by now, that Tornados are just food for other jets at their current BR, increasing it makes 0 sense at all.


----------------------------------Tornado section end----------------------------------


Su-25 and su-25k 10.0 -> 10.3  both are as capable as the A-10s maybe even more capable..


2S38 10.0 -> 10.7 It has literally no business being at 9.7 with its capabilities as a light tank and SPAA combined. The closest comparison is the HSTV-L at 10.7, and I would even argue that the 2S38 is better.


BMP-2M 9.3 -> 10.0 still an absolute OP vehicle that should move further up after buffing it with APFSDS. The BMP-2M is still top tier material and should not be at this low of a BR.


Leopars 2A4 -> BR is okay but consider adding finally DM33.


PUMA keep it at 9.3, I see no reason to increase its BR with the current performance, if you increase it anyway (cause of stats) don't forget to swap places with Radkampfwagen 90 so we have progressive BR increase and not a weird case of unlocking a lower BR vehicle after a higher one.


Challengers, please finally folder some of them like the Mk2+Mk3 and Challenger 2+ Challenger 2 2F+ Challenger  TES.


VK 45.01 (P) 5.3 -> 5.0  very rare, worse than the Tiger H could form a nice lineup with the prototype Panther.


KV-1B (German) 4.0 -> 4.3 all early KVs need to be up tiered, they are a menace of low tier battles.


KV-1 (L11) 3.7 -> 4.3 all early KVs need to be up tiered, they are a menace of low tier battles.


KV-1E 4.0  -> 4.3 all early KVs need to be up tiered, they are a menace of low tier battles.


KV-1S 4.0  -> 4.3 all early KVs need to be up tiered, they are a menace of low tier battles.


Stormer HVM 10.3 -> 9.7 nearly useless SPAA, needs to move down and has no business being that close to top tier.


ZT3A2 8.3 -> 7.7 big target, no canon, no armor or depression to hide behind cover.


Ratel 20 6.7 -> 6.3 or even 6.0 same as above but only one missile and a 20 mm which can't damage anything.


Ratel 90 6.0 - 5.3 it has heat but is a paper target, slow and has no ATGMs. Tigers and other 5.3s can handle it.


Maus/E-100 7.7 -> 7.3 slow and heavy tanks sporting thick armor, survivability comparable to a T-95, this armor needs to be worth something and not constantly face primarily HEAT rounds negating the only good aspect of the tank (Gun and Mobility are subpar at best)


Ferdinand/Elefant 6.7 -> 6.3 Both could need a downtier to make them stand out more from the Jagdtiger.



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