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Leopard 2 PSO-VT


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IMG_2494.jpg.77cef929611e86c43d895e2c35e IMG_2495.jpg.2df081f3f9f360d3eded0e525a0



2007 With the War on Terror in full swing, the German and Dutch army is preparing for the deployment of Leopard 2 tanks in the conflict. A new program was created to fulfill this need. The UrbOp (Urbane Operationen) program. 

The idea: making the Leopard 2 ready to fight in a new kind of conflict without sacrificing the capability to fight in a traditional war. 

While the Leopard 2A6M was already fit to do such things in theory, it still didn’t offer enough protection for the job and the L55 wasn’t suitable for tight spaces. The Leopard PSO however was in theory ready for the job with its additional armor, shorter L44 and FLW. But it wasn’t ready to face off tanks since it lacked mobility and the L55. The nations had a great idea: why not take the good tank fighting capability of the A6M and combine it with the good protection of the PSO? Many will now say that it’s the A7+ but no, the engineers had a different idea. While adding additional armor to the skirts is easy and can be undone fast, the additional armor on the turret isn’t easily removed, and the gun would still be a problem. Instead of adding additional armor to the A6Ms turret, they came up with the idea to swap turrets if needed. IMG_2465.jpg.190f5e987794a7a9e118d494d34

For this, old A4 turrets would receive the PSO upgraded and some A6M hulls would be modified to receive the additional armor. If needed, the turrets could just be swapped for the new mission. A prototype was ordered to test the new upgrades. The Dutch supplied an A6M to KMW that would implement the upgrades for the armor, sights and additional sensors. They would keep the L55 for the prototype but upgrade it to use the DM11 (High Explosive Air Bursting).

The prototype got tested by Germany from 2009 onwards. It got qualified, but didn’t fully satisfy the military. In addition to that, budget cuts demand to drop programs and the military decided to continue the Boxer and Puma. In the end, multiple elements of the system would be shown in 2014 on the Leopard 2 A7+.

It would be later Converted into the A7+ and go around as a showpiece.


IMG_2473.jpg.b44b65f6e34694750b8d64bbe19 IMG_2469.jpg.8dd0dfb560c7a18a58aabb9cd45





  1. The L55 with 42 rounds of DM53 and DM11 with AB capability
  2. MG 3 as a secondary armament 
  3. HK GMW (Heckler & Koch Granatmaschinenwaffe) grenade launcher with 32 rounds on the FLW 200.
  4. Smoke grenade launchers 18 in total, with 6 on the FLW 200 and 6 on each Side of the turret. 


Additional information on the FLW 200:

Gen 2 thermal sight

Rotation radius

996 mm (with sMG .50);  580 mm (with GMW 40 mm)

Total height

~ 750 mm

Carriage weight

~ 185 kg (without weapon and ammunition)

Lateral adjustment ranges

n x 360°

Vertical adjustment range

-15 to +70° (sMG .50); -12 to +60° (GMW 40 mm)

Lateral laying speed

up to 60°/s

Vertical laying speed

up to 30°/s

IMG_2506.jpg.37bf7e10b8c641ea0f55168c837 IMG_2505.jpg.051da30d47523fb77fdafea11d9 IMG_2509.jpg.31d2c68297618c9e50f3fd93a3b


  1. Mine protection as found on the Leopard 2A6M
  2. The MEXAS H armor kit like on the Strg 122 ( on the front of the hull)c5f2cf42_IMG_2499.PNG.43ebd7d4220e03b379
  3. Rear hull protection as found on the Leopard 2 HEL/SWE/ESPc5f2cf42_IMG_2514.PNG.5ab0bc7c0d23b8c20d c5f2cf42_IMG_2503.PNG.700269e403553021b2
  4. Additional armored skirts as found on the PSO
  5. Additional armor on the turret sides, as found later on the A7+

Number 4 and 5 provide all around protection against the RPG 7.

IMG_2513.jpg.fbdb70953b1d298c25237519a05 IMG_2507.jpg.4b5ac1a77a8a35db60b4ab1fdb7


Mobility and dimensions:

Power by the MTU MB 873-Ka 501 it has around 1500 HP. 

Up to 72km/h

Around 10,97m long and 3,76m wide.



  1. PERI-RTWL for the commander (Gen 2 thermal) as found on the Puma                                                                                                                                                           IMG_2510.jpg.e247498fd00b72f08781600bdd8 IMG_2508.jpg.cb6ff29bc943ec65b22a710d03c

  2. A early version SPECTUS for the driver (Gen 2 thermal) with all around coverage                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      c5f2cf42_IMG_2500.PNG.1759b3f7f54007c562 c5f2cf42_IMG_2502.PNG.66340ffba1564f27a7

  3. A Camera System mounted on the turret

IMG_2491.jpg.8580c5ec8f3f2b4906703c031e9 c5f2cf42_IMG_2501.PNG.57ff07a72e7120fe9b

Additional features: 

  1. EKKA
  2. A spotlight (500W) on the FLW 200
  4. IFIS



The PSO-VT is the step between the PSO and the A7+. It offers similar protection as the A7+ but has worse optics and shells.

IMG_2497.jpg.1f5a083643898f84a745109f388 IMG_2498.jpg.598efba57da19ddcd1bda0798f4 IMG_2496.jpg.d0c6ebf1edc70f13825b4bc4059


Thanks for reading! If you have questions, I will try my best to answer them.
Also check out the PSO by __Fleks__: https://forum.warthunder.com/index.php?/profile/745066-__fleks__/ 



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  3. https://www.panzertruppe.com/detailansicht/wiedergeburt.html
  4. https://m.facebook.com/esutde/photos/a.1414296588831255/1498837947043785/?type=3&mibextid=qC1gEa

  5. https://www.kmweg.de/systeme-produkte/bewaffnungssysteme/fernbedienbare-waffenstationen/flw-200/







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Let's say Leopard 2 PSO is a premium pack rank VIII for modern ground vehicle

I guess Leopard 2 PSO-VT might be tech tree and new main battle tanks toptier for germany under Leopard 2A6


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