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Ground vehicles

  • TKX — incorrect armour penetration values from fragments of low-calibre HE rounds has been fixed (report).
  • Object 906 — disconformity of the turret armour plates and visual model has been fixed.
  • Vickers Mk.1 — a bug of the damage model of the hull front has been corrected.
  • A bug has been fixed that prevented automatic enabling of the crosshair light in night battles.
  • A bug of the manual transmission has been fixed where a tank started pivoting by pressing the acceleration button.
  • A bug has been fixed where a commander's TVD might spontaneously be enabled.
  • AFT09 — a bug has been fixed where the folded missile launcher remained unfolded in the xray mode damage model.
  • A bug has been fixed where a repair indicator activated with enabled the towing indicator made both indicators activate.
  • PGZ-04A — available G-tolerance of the HN-6 missile has been increased from 10 to 12 G for each plane (18G in the combined plane). Source: “Operation manual of FN-6 ground-to-air missile weapon system”.
  • PGZ-04A — dynamics and autopilot of the missile have been improved; a bug has been fixed which caused an unstable trajectory.
  • QN506 — a missing max distance in the info card of the QN502DD missile has been restored.
  • QN506 — a bug has been fixed which caused an overpressure damage to missiles and unmanned turret modules.


  • Bf 109 F-4 — a bug has been fixed where the left gunpod was displayed in the xray mode while equipping bombs.
  • SA.341F Gazelle, SA.342M Gazelle — third-person view camera zoom position has been corrected.
  • MiG-23 MLA — a bug with the missing flare pod under the fuselage has been fixed.
  • F-4S — missed air-to-air ballistic calculator in the third-person view has been added.
  • Q-5L — a bug has been fixed where it was unable to lock on target in the rear hemisphere, or lock-on was reset, while aiming with a targeting pod.
  • JA37 (all versions) — lead marker and gun fire funnel has been added to HUD.
  • 9М39 missile — Engine run time has been changed from 8,4 to 8,5 seconds (report).
  • 9М39 missile — Rocket dynamics has been reworked. Rocket autopilot has been improved.
  • AIM-7E, AIM-7E-2 (DF), AIM-7F, Skyflash (DF), Skyflash SuperTEMP missiles — Angle of target tracking before launch has been changed from 15 to 35 degrees (report).
  • Skyflash (DF), Skyflash SuperTEMP missiles — The maximum target t racking speed has been changed from 12 to 44 degrees per second. Source: “Tornado F.3 Tactics Manual (1987)”.
  • Skyflash (DF), Skyflash SuperTEMP missiles — capturing of the target type “fighter” has been changed from 30 to 37 km (report).
  • A bug that caused all buildings in the blast radius to be completely destroyed during a nuclear strike has been fixed. The destructibility now depends on the size of the buildings.


  • RN Duca degli Abruzzi — The order of the main calibre turrets in the ship’s interface identification has been fixed.
  • IJN Nenohi — A bug that caused the ship's model to disappear when zooming in the 3rd person view has been fixed.
  • 15 cm Pzgr. L/3,7 (m. HB), 15 cm Spgr. L/4,5 Kz, 15 cm Spgr. L/4,5 Kz (m. HB), 15 cm Spgr. L/4,4 Bdz shells — Amount of the explosive has been reduced. Source: “Merkbuch über die Munition für die 15 cm SK C/25 der Schiffsartillerie”.
  • A bug where the “shell tracking camera” function was active when the fire button was held again and with broken cannons the shell tracking mode was switched on again has been fixed.


  • A bug because of which in the helicopter HUD inscriptions at the “square” and “rectangular” radar went over the screen edge has been fixed.
  • A bug where the tooltip about reloading was overlaid on the helicopter’s parameters in the battle has been fixed.
  • The ability to open the list of suspended weaponry of another “cell” with a single click when editing suspended weaponry has been added. Before the change it was necessary to use two clicks: the first closed the already opened list and the second opened a new one.


  • A bug that caused the shell drop point (aiming point) to rotate when tilting the head has been fixed.

The current provided changelog reflects the major changes within the game as part of this Update. Some updates, additions and fixes may not be listed in the provided notes. War Thunder is constantly improving and specific fixes may be implemented without the client being updated.


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