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Lag Spikes every few seconds


I already posted this on Steam but maybe this gives me more help.


So i got this problem ONLY on Steam. I installed WT standalone on another drive without Steam and no issues there.
The Problem looks like this. A few seconds after starting the game i get lag spikes every few seconds. I tried many things.

-Check File integreaty
-Start as admin
-new install
-high priority in task manager
-set everything to low and tried all settings
-Changed some sh*t at the nvidia control panel for the .exe
-Tried some Tips i found online
-Disabled Nvidia Overlay
-Disabled Steam Overlay

-All Drivers are updated


And some more. Even some dumb things like closing browser and closing programms running in the background.
But nothing works. Until i installed the game without steam. Without Steam it works perfectly like it should be. My PC is also wayyy beyond the recommended specs. Way better. So it's not any Hardware related.
And as already mentioned, everything works without steam.
So i suppose it's a Steam related issue.


Does anybody had similiar issues ?


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