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"Lampo" Class, Gun Boat, Lampo 491


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The "Lampo" class motor gun boats were a project entirely elaborated by the Navy, a project which envisaged a version of the motor gun boat with armament convertible equipped with 
a mixed engine (Diesel and gas turbine) on May 4, 1958 the first motor gun with these characteristics was set up with the identifier M.C. 491.The M.C. 491, launched in Taranto on 22 
November 1960 and completed in April 1963, was tested for a long time, in order to detect any changes to be made to the subsequent units of the series and to establish their effective 
performance and methods of use. The second unit with the identifier M.C. 492 entered service on July 16, 1965, September 1 of the same year the M.C. 491 and 492 assumed the names 
of Lampo and Baleno respectively, keeping the old numbering only as a NATO optical badge (P 491 and P 492). The engine apparatus (CODAG - Combined Diesel and Gas) made it 
possible to obtain a considerable starting speed through the combination of the two apparatuses. The convertibility armament made it possible to use these units as motor guns, motor 
torpedo boats or fast minelayers according to the particular needs of the operating theatre. A second motor-gun version, articulated on two 40/70 mm Breda-Bofors and a 105mm 
illuminating rocket launcher, had been envisaged in the project, but did not find practical implementation.The considerable volume of fire of the three 40/70 mm Breda-Bofors (270 rounds 
per minute per cannon) and the good platform stability, also obtained from the relatively high displacement of the units in this version, allowed to effectively beat fast naval targets such 
as motor torpedo boats or motor gun boats; at the same time, the excellent performance of weapons and of equipment for the conduct of shooting allowed, together with the good 
maneuverability qualities of the high-speed units, to effectively counter the action of low-flying fighter-bombers. Lampo and Baleno remained in service until 1983, then being 
decommissioned in 1985.





Crew: Officers, Second Chiefs, Sergeants and Seamen: 36 men

Hull: metallic and normal hull

Gunboat version: 197 tons
Torpedo boat version: 192 tons
Fast minelayer version: 197,3 tons

Length: 43 m 
Width: 6,3 m
Full Load Draft: 2,5 m

Engine System:
2 FIAT diesel engines and 1 Metrovick gas turbine in CODAG configuration
3 Variable pitch propellers
Power: 7200hp diesel engines + 4000hp gas turbine
Speed: 39 knots (72.228 km/h)
Fuel: 30 tons
Autonomy: 380 miles at 36 knots, 920 miles at 20 knots

Gunboat version: 3 x single 40/70 mm Breda-Bofors guns
Torpedo boat version: 1 x 40/70 mm Breda-Bofors gun, 2 x 533 mm torpedo tubes, 2 x 450 mm torpedo tubes
Fast minelayer version: 1 x 40/70 mm Breda-Bofors gun, 14 deep mines

Electronic equipments:
1 x  AN/SP-21 navigation and surface discovery radar










http://www.naviecapitani.it/gallerie navi/navi militari storiche/schede navi/L/Lampo/Lampo.htm


Ufficio storico della Marina Militare, Erminio Bagnasco - Unità veloci costiere Italiane (from page 365 to page 378)

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Open for discussion. :salute:

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1 hour ago, Milocat said:

+1, all three versions would be a good addition to the game.

It has a convertible armament that's 3 versions in one, such as the P-493 Freccia gun boat from the summer 2020 event reward, which is convertible into two versions.

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Initial armament were similar to Freccia which should be downtiered to BR 4.0 nowadays YET still stuck to old days of spamming easy damage to DD BR setting...


At least there are 1 more convertible armament that trades torpedo with 14 mines which only works on fighting old-fashioned reserve (current BR is 3.3) upto 3.7 match limit... 

---- Nowadays, reserve Destroyer should be 3.0 which is limited to HMS Churchill level hence new ship that's gonna be added should be around this similarity in order to make this MINESWEEPER CONVERTIBLE boat can shine properly.. 


Another convertible armament, despite still quite weaker than Freccia in term of direct firepower BUT gaining 2 more torpedo despite being smaller is quite good against average destroyer but less effective against ships with good torpedo protection BUT still a bit better than MC-490's main guns despite only having front gun similar to HMS PEACOCK


Basically, This ship would make a good rank 4 BR 4.0 as its only highest advantage are 3 single BoFors like Freccia is deadly against low-level Destroyer battle and most coastal ships aside from frigate and large gunboats... 1 gun with 2 533mm & 450mm torpedo can only worth that much WHILE on the other hand Freccia trades 1 mid-ship gun mount to have 2 533mm torpedo is basically only worth 4.0 these days YET still stuck to old 4.7 which can basically slaughter it like fish in a barrel..


IN SHORT... Lampo-class MUST BE placed at BR 4.0 and also Freccia should be as well... HMS Peacock also should be downtiered to BR 3.3 due to unable to aim behind and carries 115 shell UNLIKE ALBATROS torpedo boat in German Tech Tree that have 800 shell currently, have 4 exocet missile that doesn't added in game YET and wire-guided function torpedo that doesnt work like one..


FYI.. Saetta also should be downtiered to BR 4.3 as its missile can only be fired broadside WHILE USS Douglas only can face forward to aim it hence a good place to remain 4.0.. UNLESS Saetta have missiles that carries 80KG TNT and have 450m/s velocity at least to be worthy of BR 4.7....

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