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[Battle Pass] Meet Her Majesty's Hussar, the 11th season of Battle Pass



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For hundreds of years, hussars were part of the cavalry, but technical progress in the 20th century forced them to ditch horses for tanks — which means they have a place in War Thunder! The eleventh season that will launch very soon is called "Her Majesty's Hussar" for a reason: its main prize, the Centurion (in its later modification), was used by hussar squadrons in the Korean War when Queen Elizabeth II was crowned.


To receive Battle Pass rewards, you need to regularly log into the game and complete tasks and challenges. Each level of Battle Pass will earn you a prize, be it a player icon, a loading screen, a title, decals, decorations, or new premium vehicles!


April 26th — July 26th

Battle Pass season 11

Season awards

Every season there’s a new set of awards. See the full list in the Battle Pass tab in the hangar, or check out our wiki. Here are the key awards for season 11:


The latest modification of the legendary E-boat series wielding two additional torpedo tubes to shoot backwards while retreating.


American P-51 Mustang in service with the Swedish air force got its own name David. This flawless mid-altitude fighter is also able to carry bombs.


British Centurion with a cast turret was designed to counter the latest Soviet tanks. The tank comes with a unique camo of the 8th King's Royal Irish Hussars regiment in the

Korean War.



Emblem of the 1st Hussars


"April Son" text


"Humorist" text


Emblem of the King’s Royal Hussars



Horseman statue (ship)


Shako (tank)


Lewis gun (tank)



Hussar squadron officer

All rewards and challenges for season 11

About the Battle Pass

If you’ve got two Coupon Upgrades from stages in the previous season, then you can claim the new Battle Pass for free! Exchange them in the purchase menu of the Her Majesty's Hussar season.

Battle Pass is a seasonal event that allows the players to earn many rewards, from Silver Lions and boosters to exclusive season prizes: decorations, profile icons and premium vehicles. The rules are simple: you earn progress points and use them to open new stages, earning valuable prizes in the process.


You can open new stages and receive awards at any time during the season.


БП находится в правой части ангара
You can access the “Battle Pass” window through the promo block on the right side of the hangar screen.

How to participate


  • You get progress points every day for entering the game.
  • From 1 to 5 points.

Complete Battle Tasks

  • See Battle Task descriptions in the game and get progress points for completing them.
  • From 2 to 5 points.

Complete Season Challenges

  • Season Challenges are very similar to Battle Tasks. One Challenge is available at the season’s start. Every week you get another one or two challenges, three more can be unlocked by opening stages.
  • 30 points.
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