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Soviet prototype self-propelled gun.



49.7 tons
Battlefield (All)
full width
Previous (at the time of development)
9 people
main armament
25 caliber 203mm cannon M-1931(B-4) ×1 (10~20 rounds?)
maximum range
rate of fire
1 to 2 rounds/minute
40 degrees left and right, elevation angle +60 to 0 degrees
secondary armament
7.62mm light machine gun DPM ×? (?,???foot?)
60 to 75 mm at the front of the body
60mm at the bottom of the front of the body
body side 60mm
60mm at the rear of the body
engine and horsepower
V-2-K 12-cylinder diesel 600 hp
torsion bar
max speed
32km/h (road), 15km/h (field)
cruising distance
year of development
1 to 3













The 203mm B-4 field gun of the Soviet Army, which was used in the Winter War or the Soviet-Russian War, had a caliber of 203mm and literally boasted fantastic firepower, but it was not the size and weight that infantrymen could move by force, so they usually used tractors for movement. did. The early model was equipped with tire wheels, but it was changed to a caterpillar from the middle model due to weight and rebound. It was developed in 1931 and produced from 1932, but was used until the siege of Berlin, the last stage of the German-German War.

The Soviet Army is trying to self-propelled to use the firepower of this field artillery more easily and efficiently. So, in the fall of 1943, the S-51 self-propelled howitzer was produced by the Grabin Central Field Artillery Design Bureau.

The plan was to mount a B-4 field gun on the chassis of the KV-1S, and it went smoothly, with three prototype vehicles being completed.

However, the suspension of the KV-1S often shook because it could not overcome the weight and recoil of the heavy B-4 field gun, and due to this vibration, the accuracy was greatly reduced. The actual record has not been confirmed. Despite using the body of the KV-1S, which sacrificed armor and increased maneuverability, the speed dropped 







However, the Soviet Army did not give up on the self-propelled 203mm gun, so it put forward a plan to mount a 203mm M-40 gun on the chassis of the SU-152, the SU-203. However, the M-40 gun did not change much compared to the existing B-4 field gun, and when the M-40 gun was canceled as the muzzle brake and hydraulic system were smashed during the test, the SU-203 was also canceled. In fact, even if the M-40 gun was completed, the SU-203 would have been canceled, and it was too heavy to mount a 152mm main gun, so if you put a 203mm in the body of the KV, which had only about 20 rounds of free ammunition... Besides, unlike the S-51, the sealed Because of the space, the loading speed would have been very slow. Furthermore, there was one big problem. As the interior space was narrowed due to the breech of the 203mm gun, there was no place for the gunner. All self-propelled guns, except for the KV-2, which is between a heavy tank and a self-propelled gun, did not have a separate radio in the first place, so it was not possible to get rid of the radio.






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