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The Strv 103 is one of the most innacurate vehicles ingame.

Edit, posted this in the wrong place heres the reupload:


The Strv 203-0,A and C have some BIG issues ingame which I will be listing here:

1.The Strv 103 has 2 engines, but in game they are modeled together. Irl, if one engine is hit, you can use the other engine to keep going. In game, if one engine gets taken out, the other one is taken out too

List of engines used in each variant in real life:

Strv 103-0: Pre-production tank. Unsure of engines but I would assume it has the same as the Strv 103A

Strv 103-A: Diesel: Rolls-Royce K60 (240 hk) Gas turbine: Boeing GT502 (300 hk)

Strv 103-C: Diesel: Detroit 6V-53T (290 hk) Gas turbine: Caterpillar 553 (490 hk)

heres an article stating the Strv 103 series had two independently working engines, the article is legitimate as the author is Sven Berge, the Swedish engineer chiefly responsible for the S-Tank design: https://tankandafvnews.com/2015/10/25/from-the-vault-the-gas-turbine-and-the-s-tank/
Heres a documentorial video on the Strv 103 stating the tank had 2 engines that could work independently: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fARGfVA7Mm8

1962261339_WarThunderStrv103enginelayout 870452054_2enginelayoutblueprintfrombritImage from:  http://tanks.mod16.org/2015/03/03/report-from-british-evaluation-of-the-s-tank-1968/ 1170099245_Automotivedescription.jpg.6baImage from: http://tanks.mod16.org/2015/03/03/report-from-british-evaluation-of-the-s-tank-1968/ 951713237_Strv1032engineconfiguration.jpImage from: https://www.tankarchives.ca/2017/0 2/the-amazing-strv-103.html




2.The Strv 103 has 2 transmissions, same story with the 2 engines.

3.The fuel tanks have a very low chance to catch on fire if hit. And even if they would catch on fire, they would just burn out leaving the crew unharmed, heres a video demonstrating this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FpiGLA9BKWc&t=230s


5.The fence on the Strv 103C can decrease the velocity of kinetic rounds as well as APDS ammunition if hit, making it harder to penetrate the sloped 40mm armor.

6.The metal strips you can see on the Strv 103A and 103C should not make ammunition like HEAT-FS, APDS and APFSDS "grip" on the armor making it easier to penetrate the sloped armor.789370411_MetalstripsbrakingshellsandnotImage from: https://www.tankarchives.ca/2017/02/the-amazing-strv-103.html

The Strv 103-0 does not have this problem, it just bounces those ammunition types.

7.The 40mm sloped armor should be way more effective, especally against ammunition like APDS as proven in testing, this is backed up by this documentation of the evaluation trials of the Strv 103's armour: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FpiGLA9BKWc&t=230s you can see even 105mm APDS have problems penetrating the 40mm of sloped armour.

8.The hull-aim is very smooth, even on sloped, uneven terrain in real life but ingame the hull aim is very janky and frustrating to use at times, Gaijin could fix this by giving the Strv 103 series a stabilizer that turns off when you reach 2-5 kph

9.The Strv 103-0/A could possibly get the dozer blade modification as you can see in this video:  heres a link to a video of a Strv 103-0 (you can tell its a Strv 103-0/prototype because it doesnt have the commander mg and metal strips) digging itself into a position with a dozer blade: https://www.redd.tube/video/c40ae38a1e44bf6af53bb9dce1c8ff6bf55fa4c9 so Gaijin could give the 0 and A variant a dozer blade modification like the C's one.1280017335_EarlyStrv103(possiblyanStrv10 447415350_EarlyStrv103(possiblyanStrv103 1170666520_Strv103BorAwithadozerblade.jp


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