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Baglietto type 1934 subchaser, MAS 441 (post refit)


MAS 441 in War Thunder  

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MAS 441 post refit, armed with 1x 40/39 Vickers-Terni and 1x Breda 8 mm.


The Baglietto type 1934 submarine chasers were built in the years 1934-1935.

Compared to other MAS vessels, the Baglietto type 1934 subchasers were much slower and featured a more powerful cannon armament. 



MAS 438, 440, and 441 in their as-built configuration. Armed with 1x 13.2 mm Breda machine-gun.


History of the MAS 438-441

They were built by "Cantieri Baglietto", in Varazze in the years 1934-1935, initially designed as hydrophone training ships. They were powered by 2x 230 HP engines, purchased at the time for the original "MAS - ELCO" motorboats. Of these motorboats, the new MAS followed the dimensions and the external design, giving them a different hull shape than previous MAS boats.

The boats were armed with 5x depth charges, and initially a 13.2 mm machine gun, but later in service the machine gun armament was upgraded to a 40 mm cannon and a 8 mm machine gun.

The 4 submarine chasers were commissioned between 01/11/1934 and 02/05/1935, and during the conflict they performed anti-submarine tasks.

On 01/06/1943, they were reclassified as "MAS a Efficienza ridotta" (MAS with reduced efficiency) motorboats, and they were renamed as ME 38, ME 39, ME 40, and ME 41.


  • ME 38 - decommissioned and broken up for scrap on 01/07/1950
  • ME 39 - sank on 05/08/1946, near Cape Miseno as a result of a fire
  • ME 40 - decommissioned on 05/09/1949 and on 06/07/1949 transferred to the USSR as war reparations. It was commissioned by the Black Sea Fleet as TK-979 torpedo boat, where after a few months of service, it was broken up for scrap on 03/10/1949
  • ME 41 - decommissioned and broken up for scrap on 01/07/1950



Baglietto type 1934, as built


Why I'm proposing her?

I believe the Italian coastal tech tree lacks in variety, which makes in quite boring for new players. The majority of the boats until tier III use the same or similar hull, just with a slightly changed armament. 

The MAS 441 in her 1942 configuration, would be quite different. With her powerful armament, she would make a competitive subchaser at the battle rating of 1.3 or 1.7. Slow and well armed, it would offer a completely different gameplay style for the players of the Italian coastal tree. I don't think we need the as-built variant, as it lacks fire-power. 


General specifications (post refit)

  • Displacement : 38,8 t.
  • Full length : 22,5 m.
  • Draught : 1,40 m.
  • Breadth : 4,30 m.
  • Machinery : 2x 230 h. p. petrol engines.
  • Max speed : 16 knots.
  • Complement : 9.


Armament and equipment 

  • 1x1 40/39 Vickers-Terni
  • 1x1 8 mm Breda 1937
  • 5x tipo 50/1917 depth charges



MAS 441 in the summer of 1942









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