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Planned economy changes in May



Continuing the transition to an economy based on vehicle ranks

In February last year we began the transition to a rank-based economy, which was chosen by the majority of players in a vote. We remind you that this transition requires several smoothed economy updates. With the release of the current economy update, the transition to the new system will be completed for most aircraft and ground vehicles of rank III and higher.

Maximum repair cost in the table sheet for economy changes

Usually in the table sheet, economy changes indicate the minimum repair cost of vehicles without taking into account used modifications. This is the “default” repair cost of vehicles that will be shown in the vehicle card for example before research or purchase. However in the case of different number of modifications in the vehicle and accordingly different additions to the repair cost from modifications it is not quite correct to compare the minimum repair cost. For example, right now (before the economy changes), the repair cost of the T-80BVM in RB when all modifications are installed will be changed from 3690 to 7405 SL and for the Leopard 2A6 - from 5410 to 8050 SL. We see the estimated (maximum) repair cost of these vehicles differs by only 8.7% while the basic (minimum) - almost one and a half times. At the same time the change in the repair cost of vehicles must be of interest primarily to those players who own these vehicles; play them and have already researched a number of modifications or even all of them. And accordingly see and spend no longer the basic repair cost.


Beginning in this update we decided to use in the economy change tables, the maximum repair cost of the vehicle by taking into account all installed modifications.


Open the table sheet of changes


However, in this update, for the last time a table with minimum repair cost will also be presented, so that everyone can make sure that the repair cost of all vehicles hasn’t been increased several times and these are two different parameters - the minimum (basic) repair cost and the maximum (estimated) repair cost.


Open the table sheet of changes (with minimum repair cost)

Converting the repair time of vehicles in the hangar to the system of vehicle ranks 

Free vehicle repairs in the hangar allows you to save a certain amount of SL on vehicle repair. That’s why initially the time of free repair has been calculated from the repair cost of the vehicle. But for some vehicles in some game modes (aircraft in SB, fleet in AB and RB) the repair cost became very high due to the peculiarities of vehicles and modes (primarily because of the large average life span) which led to a very long time of free repair.


We decided to simplify this mechanics and fixed the free repair time depending on the economy rank of the vehicle (rank and position in the research tree) by analogy with such indicators as research cost, price, crew training price, RP multiplier and some others.


As a basis for calculating the new free repair time, the average repair time rates of ground vehicles were taken.

Changes of the cost of the expendable modification "Crew Replenishment"

Repair costs are not the only expense in battle. Silver Lions will also be spent on ammo, suspended weaponry and the expendable modification "Crew Replenishment". All these expenses will be taken into account when calculating the repair cost and subtracted from the initially calculated value forming the final estimated repair cost. Moreover, the share of expenditures on consumables should be noticeably lower than the expenditures on repairs. However in the case of the “Crew Replenishment” modification this rule isn’t followed - the modification is too expensive for rank I vehicles but too cheap for rank V and higher and we will fix it in this economy update.


Now the cost of the "Crew Replenishment" will be linked not to vehicle rank but to the economy rank (rank and position in the research tree on the rank) which will allow to fine-tune the price of the modification for all vehicles. For reserve vehicles the price will drop from 100 to 10 SL, for other rank I vehicles it will drop from 100 to 40-70 SL, for rank VII vehicles it will increase from 700 to 1000-1100 SL. Once again, please note that an increase in the cost of an expendable modification does not mean an overall increase in costs, as it is taken into account when calculating the price of a vehicle repair.

Changes in the research and purchase cost of squadron vehicles

There will be changes to the research and purchase costs for a number of squadron vehicles.


Open the table sheet with changes

Changes in the research tree

M3A1 Stuart — taken out of the M3/M3A1 Stuart research group.

Pz.III J — taken out of the Pz.III F/J group.

Pz.IV C — moved to the position before  Pz.II C.

Pz.II F — taken out of the Pz.II C/F group.

Pz.35(t) — moved to the position before Sd.Kfz.221 (s.Pz.B.41).

Pz.38(t) A, Pz.38(t) F — moved to the position after Sd.Kfz.221 (s.Pz.B.41).

Pz.38(t) F — taken out of the Pz.38(t) A/F group.

15cm sIG 33 B Sfl, Panzerjäger I, Sd.Kfz.251/9 — moved to the position before StuG III A.

Т-28 — taken out of the Т-28/Т-28E group and moved to rank I.

Ratel 20 — moved to rank IV to the position after Ratel 90.

G6 — moved to rank V to the position after Eland 90 Mk.7.

Spj fm/43-44 and Sav m/43 (1944) — switched the places.

PTL02 — moved to rank VI to the position after CM25.

Ki-109 — moved to rank I to the position after Ki-45 tei.

Ki-45 hei — taken out of the Ki-45 group.

J1N1 — moved to rank II to the position after Ki-45 hei.

Ki-45 otsu — moved to the position after J1N1.

B6N1 Model 11 — taken out of the B6N group and moved to rank I.

D4Y3 Ko — taken out of the D4Y group.

P1Y1 mod. 11 — moved to rank III to the position before B7A2.

H8K2 — moved to the position after Ki-49-IIa.

T18B and T18B (57) — switched places and moved to rank III; the requirement to open ranks IV and V have been adjusted.

Changes to research cost, purchase cost, and related vehicle parameters


Open the table sheet with changes

Changes in cost and RP multiplier of premium vehicles


Open the table sheet with changes



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