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War Thunder Iron Front Historical Events/Campaigns Discord Server

Welcome to War Thunder Iron Front:We are a RP/Campaign driven server that hosts events/Campaigns based on the Cold War/Modern Era. In these campaigns, you will be able to choose your faction and nation and participate in weekly battles to decide the fate of the campaign. Our campaigns and events are interactive and provide real time map updates based on the region the campaign takes place in. Winning an amount of battles on the designated War Thunder map for the state will grant your faction control of said state. Nation RP is also an aspect of our server that we do in order to influence the campaign. Campaign events and world events are detailed and will have an effect on the campaign for participating factions.
Our server Offers:~Friendly and engaged staff.
~Weekly/Monthly campaigns and events in the cold war/modern era setting.
~Flexible and engaging community campaign creation sessions.
~Interesting game play on land and air to decide the fate of a campaign.
~Community interaction.

We are launching our first campaign which is an alt-history setting in which the Cold War goes hot in 1953 between the Warsaw Pact and NATO in West and East Germany! Take part in the grand offesnive against NATO as the Warsaw Pact forces or defend democracy and reunite Germany under West Germany as NATO. Exciting and fun gameplay awaits, click the link below to join our community!


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