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40PN-class torpedo boat, 60OL


60OL in War Thunder  

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60OL in 1930


The 40PN-class, were an evolution of the highly successful 1PN-class torpedo boats, the first of their type that were mass-built in Italy.

30 units were built in the years 1916-1918 in 5 different shipyards, and the last operative units were striken in 1934.

Modern, fast, well armed, and with very good seaworthiness, the PN type of torpedo boats are considered to be the best coastal torpedo boat design to be ever fielded by the Regia Marina.



60OL during her launch in 1916


The 1PN-class were very successful coastal torpedo boats, built in 1911-1913 in 38 units by 4 separate yards, Pattison, Odero, Ansaldo and Pattison again, respectively.

They were partly inspired by the RN Gabbiano, but smaller and cheaper. All but 31AS and 32AS were powered by 2 VTE and 2 Thornycroft boilers, giving them an impressive speed of 27 knots. 

They were armed with either a single 76 mm or 57 mm and 2 torpedo tubes, with some getting their armament revised and 8-10 mines.

They were quite active in the early stages of their service, some taking part in the Italo-Turkish war, Balkan war of 1913 and during WWI.

They were mostly active in the Adriatic, patrolling the sea and making coastal reconnaissance missions, almost all survived, stricken 1925-32.


The 40PN-class were an evolution of the 1PN, built in 1915-1918 in the same shipyards. They were heavier, while having the same hulll dimensions and powerplant. They retained the same speed but a slighly lower endurance. The main gun armament was more powerful, consisting in all units of two 76 mm cannons. Some units (58OL-60OL) received an additional 37 mm cannon, while others (64PN-69PN) an additional 6.5 mm machine gun. The same twin torpedo mount was retained, and they could carry 8-10 mines.

They were active during WWI, taking part in the occupation of Austro-Hungarian cities. 

None was lost in action, probably because of their late entry into service. They were striken in 1927-34.


The 60OL was was laid down by Cantieri Orlando shipyard an Livorno on 17/11/1915, it was launched 25/06/1916 and commissioned on 27/07/1916. It served the Regia Marina until 29/02/1932, when it was striken and scrapped for metal.



OL61, another vessel of the same class


Why I'm proposing her?

It's a very unique and successful design, which thanks to its high speed and powerful armament it could be quite fun to play. For a 1916 vessel, it also gets some AA in the form of a 37 mm cannon


General specifications


  • Displacement :  129 t at normal load, 157-168 t at full load.
  • Full length :  42,5 m.
  • Draught : 1,59 m.
  • Breadth : 4,6 m.
  • Machinery : 2 VTE, 2 Thornycroft boilers, for a total of 2700 h. p.
  • Max speed : 27 knots.
  • Complement : 30


Armament and equipment 

  • 2x1 76/30 A1914
  • 1x1 37/43 V1914
  • 2x1 450 mm tipo 1910/450 torpedo tubes
  • 10 mines







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