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Constructive criticism about Gaijin's attention per nation


I have been playing WT for a very long time, but I only really started playing almost daily about a year ago. The large trees (US, USSR, Germany) all felt overwhelming for me in terms of quantity of vehicles to unlock and spade. Israel just came out and I decided it would be perfect for me because it had fewer vehicles, and because I knew there was a lot of potential in vehicles that could be added in the future. I also wanted to be able to experience low, mid, and high tiers at will.

I bought the premiums, a premium account, and some GE just in case, and by now I've almost completed both air and ground. However, during this entire time, the tree remained just as it was on release, with a few minor negative changes. I thought the lack of SPAA or IFVs would change by the time I reach them - they didn't. I thought air would be balanced by the time I get something above 11.0 - it didn't. I thought there would be some RB range at which gameplay would be fun, and indeed there was - the Merkava 3s at 10.0, but just as I unlocked the first, they were increased to 10.7 and down went the experience. I did get a good day of gameplay out of them though, before I had to revert back to the 9.0 lineup. With every update, I saw Israel only getting a new Magach which is the least played line. More and more Magach but nothing of substance.

Over the time I thought maybe It'll improve if I give it more time. Japan and Italy looked interesting with their unique vehicles, but many already know they're in utter neglect just as Israel is. If they get anything, it's just tiny pieces that do nothing to close the ever growing gap between them and USSR, US, and Germany.


I feel like those $60 I paid for each premium vehicle (Merkava 2D, Sho't Kal Dalet, A-4E, Kfir Canard), are not even worth a fraction of that. I thought... it couldn't be that bad, so I tried the USSR premiums - T-72 Turms, 2S38, T-55AM-1, and holy hell were they absolutely amazing! They were actually worth the money! Of course, I only used them for a few matches because I knew people hated playing against them, and I didn't want to be "that guy", I still don't. I want to just have vehicles that are no better than others, just equal, so matches are really competitive. But there is no such thing. I switched to USSR as my main, but it still feels like cheating. Other players only getting a track or a bounced shot when they clearly deserve a kill, just feels dirty.


If countries like Israel, Italy, Japan get only, say, 10% of the attention the USSR gets, why not price their premiums at 10% of the USSR ones?

Set the USSR as benchmark, determine how much neglect there is for other nations, and set prices according to that. 


To me it seems like a new player will usually go either of 2 common routes:

1. Pick a nation he feels most connected to, e.g. based on nationality, or interest in vehicles.

2. Pick a nation that doesn't overwhelm him in terms of size. 


And if that's the case, a player will choose a nation like France (my first main, loved France in WoT) or Sweden or Italy, and they'd be massively disappointed. That's a lost player. If it isn't a lost player, how do we explain the fact that, according to Gaijin statistics, only 20% are paying players, and only a minority of them are regular buyers and not one-time buyers, yet at some BR ranges it's 90% premium vehicles? People just give up on this game before they reach mid to high tiers.

I play low tiers quite a lot, and I see that most players are experienced ones, not newbies. 

I'm giving this warning because WT has potential, and I'd hate to see it lose its new influx of players, then lose its recent ones, then lose its veterans, and eventually fade away. Because that's the trajectory I'm seeing.


If you add a new nation, you have a responsibility to either give it a decent amount of attention, or price its items accordingly.


EDIT: Just in case a mod thinks I am telling people to not buy anything, I'm not. I'm saying Gaijin should provide more value for the money we pay.

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Yep, Agreed. 100% Im a britain main as im british, and it sucks. I know as a nation, we have significantly less aircraft than the US or USSR, but those nations get something every single update. Britain is a lot like Israel, lucky to get anything new. I've recently heard rumours that the Su-39 is going to be premium, so thats a very strong, 11.3 ish Premium CAS aircraft, only a few months after they already got a very strong premium CAS aircraft in the Su-25, meanwhile most nations have no decent CAS/Bomber premium, which are often the best SL/RP generators in the game, and that really sucks. 

even in regards to F2P stuff, new tech often comes to the US or Soviets before any other nation. For example, Soviets are geting a destroyer with SAMs, which, considering the fact that any and all aircraft it faces will be WW2 era, is just insane. How a Lancaster will survive against a 16km Range SAM is beyond me. It would be nice, just for once, for literally any other nation getting something either new, or something strong enough to push them ahead, even if its only a slight advantage.


Im routinely told that prehaps if I have issue with GB getting nothing new, or being massively handicapped, that I should just go play another nation, but that is not fun, I want to play britain and I especially dont want to farm another nation

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