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Opinion on the news article 'How progression and economy is built in F2P games and War Thunder in particular'


     As a player who have played War Thunder for around 3-4 years, it is tragic to witness the current status of this game especially after reading the news article "How progression and economy is built in F2P games and War Thunder in particular". War Thunder's historical accuracy and the relationship between it and players purchasing premium vehicles will be the main focus on this essay.

     "In any game players play only when they have fun. But in a f2p game, players only pay if the game really entertains them." As of my own experience flying out the F-4C, I faced a lot of Su-25s, A-10s... which has 30G all aspect missiles and it is frustrating to see that a 1980s strike aircraft is butchering a 1960s fighter and claiming the game to be historically accurate. 

     In the Su-25 pilot's point of view (or any aircraft that does not belong to the era in general) it may seem like the F-4C (or any aircraft that does not belong to the era in general) just made a mistake and got into ~2.5km of his plane resulting the F-4C's death. However in the F-4C pilot's point of view they would see themselves getting hammered down. Why would a plane that has never been designed to face all aspect missiles need to face them?  

      This is one reason why players are opting to purchase high tier premiums. It is because they do not need to grind out the whole modification tree, getting their overpowered R-60M(K) (every all aspect missiles in general) at 10.0 (at BR 9.7-10.3 I believe this is where players learn to use their radar, fox 1 and essential techniques to equip them for top tier combat) and slaughtering  flareless, innocent F-4Cs (and other similar planes). 

     Constantly being oppressed by the premiums (A-10 and Su-25 specifically) is intolerable. Here are my suggestions:

1. Adjust the Br so that all vehicles are facing what they faced in real life. Though I am aware that the Su-25 is going to suffer against F-16. However the Su-25 is a strike aircraft not a fighter hence it should completely excel in ground pounding rather than Air - Air and it will be the responsibility of the fighters to protect them.

2. Listen to the players while adjusting the Battle ratings. It is not enough to just adjust the battle ratings purely based on the statistics, I suggest thinking broader and ask whether it is the difference in experience of the pilots resulting in such a huge win for one team or is the vehicle really overpowered.

     I hope Gaijin entertainment would treat this essay seriously and listen to the playerbase more to save this game from shutting down. I understand the agony of being review bombed, being pressured by players etc... 

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