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tiny teams in top tier ground games


I'm not sure if this is something new since I haven't played top-tier for that long, but for some reason, top-tier ground games have significantly smaller teams compared to lower tiers, like 10BR. Due to the limited number of players on a team, it becomes a matter of luck whether you'll end up spawncamping or getting spawncamped. You either get a competent team or the usual situation of being stuck with a full team of level 3 players using premium vehicles. There seem to be three possible outcomes for a top-tier battle: spawncamping the enemy team early in the game, getting spawncamped yourself, or the 'best' outcome of having an actual fair battle, after which though you are most likely left alone on the map with one or two teammates, roaming, searching for the last enemy.

Then there is also CAS, so if you have a fast helicopter with good atg missiles you have a good chance of disabling the enemy team, since of course there are already only a few players, and a player from the enemy team has to waste their time sitting at spawn looking for aircraft.

Why do top-tier battles have such few players on a team? Why is it not like lower tiers? I'm not sure if the developers read forums, but it would be great if you considered making top-tier battle outcomes less dependant on how terrible your/enemy team can be, or how many players have either a low level (<30) or just a singular vehicle to play of that tier.

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