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Gameplay Feedback


I have thought multiple times spending more money on War Thunder but I have no reason to do because I do not enjoy the game that much anymore. Sure, I have spent more time on playing it but it's mostly because of events that require to grind points for certain rewards. I play mostly realistic ground battles and I have grinded German and USSR to endgame (Leopard 2A4 and T-80UM2, unlocking Tunguska soon). I have spent 2066 hours playing this game.


I have played this game over 5 years and the same issues regarding to gameplay exist and it kept getting worse over the years with the introduction of more powerful CAS aircraft, helicopters and players understanding whats the most efficient way of winning. First minutes before someone decides to spawn with an aircraft or a helicopter is the most fun part of the match. After that, it is not much fun being a target for helicopters that can shoot you in your spawn from over 10 kilometers. If it is not helicopter or aircraft, someone has driven behind your spawn outside the protection to whack you. On top of that you introduced missile drones, more CAS to ruin my games. Even in lower tiers you will get just bombed with over 1000lb bombs by a player who just capped one point and went straight for attack aircraft. By now you have probably figured what I meant by most efficient way of winning: spawn camping. There are way too many maps where you can just drive just outside the protection zone and kill anyone who drops the invincibility. This is the biggest reason why I leave early in the match.


Second reason being bad layouts and game modes. I do not hate the maps, the maps are great and variety of locations keeps increasing. The moment I see the game mode is [Battle], I know its going to be boring. I have never enjoy [Battle] game mode, my friends have never enjoyed it and I have never heard anyone enjoying it. It is not rewarding to play this game mode nor it is fun. I do not hate longer matches but in this game mode it will drag to full duration pretty much everytime. Matches in this mode are stale, nothing happens and if you try to end the game, you will get punished. Capping the enemy base takes forever, you get low rewards even though you spent considerable time making yourself known. In some maps you are basically in enemy spawn, for example [Battle] Sinai. Do I have a choice not to play this game mode? Nope, I can only ban one map but not game modes. There are some boring [Conquest] layouts aswell but generally enjoyable. [Domination] is the most enjoyable game mode. 


Third reason is getting full uptiered with lineups I have no chance of doing anything in the match. I understand the reasoning behind uptier matches but going versus one battle rating higher enemies is not fun and ends up in frustration.


There is a new phenomenon, what we have called: hostage taking. Unfortunately this keeps happening more and more nowadays. Some players decide to take the game hostage by afking around the map or not spawning. In Realistic air people with no points just keep flying away and you have no way of ending the match, sometimes even ending in defeat. Same thing happens in ground battles aswell, especially in [Battle] game mode. I am pretty sure there was earlier "There are no active enemy players" actived when enemies didn't spawn or there was only aircraft flying. It doesn't happen now and I have no idea did they remove or is there way to avoid this.


Most of my War Thunder sessions end in frustration rather than "I had fun" feeling nowadays.

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