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Petition to have Gaijin disclose development roadmaps


Gaijin spends time and effort in the background to acquire visual models, build damage models, collect data etc, that fuels future updates. Logically, this means there is some mid to long term development roadmap that could probably be disclosed at least in the resolution of 1 major update. But much of the info is spread between the first devblog until full update release.


We, as players, can thus only provide feedback after Gaijin has put in the money and effort. They would have much less incentive to revert some changes when the work is done, as opposed to, say, economy changes that are just numerical values.

But if we know a few months in advance and can criticise bad decisions, they may be easier to persuade.


Some nations like the minor 3 have seen little to no attention from Gaijin. Being able to see that Gaijin has no meaningful plans for a certain nation, will incentivize it to actually fill up the roadmaps with something, in a way forcing it to balance out the updates.

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