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A good modifaion should encourage user play vehicles more instead of less.


I just simply raise few points:

First, if a vehicle usage drop after its tier change, means it's wrong.
T114, move from Tier 6.7 to Tier 7.3.  When T114 is in tier 6.7, it will face the top tier up to 7.7, the tank still does not have the laser measure and gun stabilizer. After moving to tier 7.3, T114 will face the top tier up to 8.3, most MBT in tier 8.x can directly kill T114 during moving and far distance. So T114 from very playable, change to not worth buying or playing. T114 suppose to earn some money for Gaijin, did your team really check the numbers of purchases and usage after tier modification, T114 still do the same contribution as before?

The second point, P2W users don't have a better environment because not enough users play lower tiers

I have A10, and most games i play will face A10 or su25k, it's not P2W like some other games. The reason is not too many users play tier 9.x, Why? check the mig19 serials, the repair cost near 20k in your new eco plan. I like playing mig19s, even I know I will face A10 or su25k, because I can try to ambush or use energy to fight them,  If I play 100 games, I can accept 50 rounds get a kill and another 50 games contribute to p2w user as an easy target. But in the new eco system, I lost 50 rounds means i will pay 1M sl for repair. even I win another 50 games, I guess I can only reduce my repair cost to 0.75M. Which idiot will play a game like this?
So there is not enough user who play tier 9,x the user who buy A10 and su25k have to fight each other or fight with tier 10.x, cause the opposite user need to guarantee their winning to minimum repair cost.
So simply raising repair costs will push users either play premium Vichel only or a very strong vehicle to guarantee winning. P2W users will lose easy targets simply due to no users playing them.
And if I know I buy a premium vehicle and still don't have a better experience, then why should I buy it?

Point 3, current map and eco system do not support user playing top-tier ground vehicles to respawn multiple times.
The current ground batter map is same as ww2 vehicles. But modern MBT has a much higher speed to reach the strategy point.  And light tank also has the power to knock down a MBT by itself.  So if one user lost the first vehicle,  it means the respawn vehicle will face a higher risk be knocked down twice.  Cause the enemy will also maneuver when you move to the front line. If you change respawn point, means the other side of the field will be lost forever.  So in tier 8.x or up, sometimes you lose the first vehicle and check the friendly position and numbers, you know you lose the game already. Then why bother to respawn more to pay more repair cost?
Keep raising the repair cost of up tiers, will force users to use fewer vehicles in one battle. And small size of map will make it worse.  Gaijin really need to work out a solution to encourage user put more vehicles in the battle instead of less.

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