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Meine 2 Pfennig aka my two cents


Dear War Thunder Community,

I would like to share my thoughts on possible improvements to the game. First and foremost, I want to emphasize that War Thunder is an absolutely unique game, and I truly love it. The variety of vehicles, the realistic simulation, and the intense gameplay make it an unparalleled experience.

I would like to express my appreciation to Gaijin for their outstanding work on the core game. The meticulous replication of vehicles and the sophisticated damage model contribute significantly to the impressive realism of War Thunder, with only a few exceptions here and there.(a little sugar for the snail)

Alongside acknowledging the game's existing qualities, I would also like to provide some suggestions for improvement. A more comprehensive tutorial for new players would be beneficial in helping them understand features such as the use of radar-guided missiles or the explanation of different key functions.

Furthermore, I find the introduction of more diverse game modes intriguing. By introducing new game modes or enhancing existing ones, the gameplay can become even more varied and exciting.

Another aspect I'd like to address is the development of crews. It would be fantastic to have more opportunities to train and customize crews. For example, a personalized personnel file with pictures could make the player's experience even more individualized.

In addition, I believe that incorporating a veteran status for vehicles and introducing optical customizations would be a wonderful addition. While this wouldn't necessarily impact the performance of the vehicle, it could allow for visual enhancements and veteran modifications. For example, adding camouflage netting or other historical optical adjustments made by crews, as seen in various authentic photographs. The possibilities for such customizations could be extensive and would add depth and personalization to the game.

I would also like to emphasize that these ideas represent just a fraction of the potential improvements that the player community has to offer. There are countless players with unique perspectives and potentially even better ideas that could further enhance the game. The player base serves as a valuable and cost-effective resource for improvement. By engaging with the player community and tapping into their creativity, the developers can unlock a wealth of untapped potential for the game's enhancement.

Thank you for taking the time to listen to my ideas. I hope they can be considered in the ongoing development of War Thunder.

Please note that the points I've mentioned in this message only scratch the surface, and there may be other players who have different perspectives or might approach certain aspects more critically. However, I hope that the core ideas presented here resonate with the community. I intentionally did not delve into the discussion of the in-game economy, as it has been extensively debated in other posts. Furthermore, I hope that this message is relatable to everyone, because I come from a country where 'Erika' is a flower that blooms on the heath, and only the older generation knows how to properly angle a Tiger tank.

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