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How about... these fixes


Seems like an easy win. Something has to give, and we all understand you can't give the whole game on a platter as that will undermine your financial model and may result in permanent damages to your game.


  1. Remove diminishing returns on RP/SL, people who have a successful game should be rewarded. It's a little silly you get relatively speaking less rewards the better you do. This should actually be the other way around... you get more the better you do, but you should also not make it work in a way that people who aren't very good will not be able to progress (ie- reduce overall rewards as a result of removing diminishing returns, that shouldn't happen)
  2. Remove reward multiplier based on game timer and activity, you can get (Air RB) 5 kills in 5 minutes into the match, or after 20 minutes, your overall contribution towards a win is the same but the 5 minute match will give you far lower rewards. This is especially an issue in higher tiers
  3. Remove penalty of a loss game from the top 5 players on the losing team, there's a lot of randomness in your game as you aren't in control who is on your side or what they plan to do, or control the outcome on the maps where 1 side has an auto win due to AI killing each other


As for the overall RP/SL gain, I don't think it'll hurt you to give +33% RP/SL to non premium players, while giving premium +133% instead of +100% (or just flat reduction of RP/SL cost by 25% across all vehicles and mods - which is the same as +33% RP/SL for both non premium as well as premium players). The grind even with premium, and especially once you hit tier 6+, is quite annoying even as a decent player. I can only imagine the pain for people who struggle to get 1 kill or a 1:1 KD. There are so many vehicles currently to unlock, that it just takes too much time compared to say, 2016-2017.

@Stona you can remove this, copied it into the general feedback thread

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