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An Honest Economy suggestion


Hi Everyone, Ive been playing Warthunder for a long time, I have 7.0+ in alot of countries and i main 10.3 Russia. I play both Ground and Air, Realistic and Simulator, and Arcade Air sometimes. I also pay for premium time and have bought several vehicles, but did spend many years F2P.

I wanna say i understand both Gaijins position to monetize the players grind and communities gripes with the economy and so i am here to propose what i think will help players and Gaijin both have some even ground.

I think crew training cost should be removed and instead Vehicles should require a Crew Level requirement

Part 1 is that Crew Training cost be removed, of all the costs in the game that exist in game this one feels like theres no way to interact with this, it just exist. Even Ammo and repair costs are even arguably skill related, but crew training only punishes players for slotting a vehicle in a crew and then maybe wanting to change it later. By eliminating crew training most players will save on average almost 20-30% costs on all vehicles and allow them to use that money towards other vehicles or modifications and this allows players to slot vehicles freely and wont punish players for wanting to play every vehicle in the games at any time.
Part 2 is to require vehicles to have crew requirements, so like in example maybe the T-80b would require someone to have crew lvl 60 or 50 which players who f2p will get over time anyway but offers Gaijin the chance to monetize crew acceleration more fluidly. its pushes players who pay for bundles to also use GEs on crew acceleration and or purchase more skill level appropriate premium vehicles more immediately and higher teir bundles later when their crews at the level to operate them. or lets gaijin sell crew skill boosters, which would hopefully lower the amount of new players who simply buy high teir premiums, lose SL because they get killed instantly and then hate the game. 
Feedback is welcome.

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