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Looks like gaijin is afraid of this


I resently send a long topic on this forum, i believe a lot of people already saw that, I mainly exposed gaijin's inaction, disorderly action and slow action in the face of problems, also call for solidarity among gamers , however, when i checked it just now, it's gone. 501366017_2023-05-24170442.png.9922c378b

the error code means it's blocked because there's inappropriate stuff in it. But eveything i list on that topic is truth.

maybe someone will say some words in that topic is too aggressive, yes, it is radical, but it did not cross the line, and i did not offend anyone.

Is that how gaijin treat their problems? or gaijin you just want to hide these problems?

I need you to answer that question directly.



(gaijin knows nothing about economy and still cry for "low" game income)



(and keep bombing, it rises from 60000 to 80000 in one day, good job guys)



(part of that topic)

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  • Senior Forum Moderator

As always.... You should PM Staff and we can explain, the forum is not the place for disputing Moderation....


But yes, Post was removed by Staff because even you said so your self....


"about my word:

maybe it is too aggressive and i apologize for that"


And we understand that, but post was still not suitable because of the way it was worded..... so as I mentioned you should PM Staff because we can then talk in private about the case at hand and it will not disrupt the forum in the process 


Thank you!

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