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Constructive Review of War Thunder - Balancing Economy and Progression


Hello fellow enthusiasts, mods, and devs,


I'd like to share my thoughts and experiences regarding the game and its evolving economy. Before I begin, I want to emphasize that I hold immense respect for the developers at Gaijin Entertainment. I understand the complexity of balancing the economy in a game with multiple modes and varying reward systems. Their hard work deserves recognition and support.

As someone who has dedicated a considerable amount of time to War Thunder since 2014, I must admit that the game holds a special place in my heart. It has been my go-to choice for casual military vehicle combat. Throughout the years, I've taken breaks and invested more in War Thunder than any other franchise I've played.

However, I've noticed a concerning trend in the game's free-to-play model. While I fully appreciate the need for financial support to sustain the development and improvement of the game, it sometimes feels like War Thunder leans heavily towards a pay-to-play approach. In the past, a week of premium or a premium vehicle would be sufficient to access new content in major patches and fully enjoy it. Nowadays, it seems that premium vehicles have become mandatory, and even premium time only assists in affording necessary items.

As a player who strives to be efficient in grinding, I have found the progression to be increasingly tedious. Despite playing well and utilizing effective strategies, it takes me several months of playing a few games daily to unlock a new jet. This slow pace of progress can be disheartening, making the game feel more like a "Stockholm simulator" rather than a military simulator.

Personally, I have shifted my focus primarily to air RB, as ground battles lost their appeal due to the exorbitant grind and the constant reduction in rewards. I never ventured into naval battles for similar reasons. Regrettably, I have stopped recommending the game to my friends due to the substantial grind required, the parts grind, the ongoing reduction in rewards, and the refusal to decompress battle ratings. I feel that War Thunder has become more suitable for seasoned experts rather than newcomers.

Despite my concerns, I will continue to support and play War Thunder. I genuinely want to see the game thrive and be rewarded for the hard work put into it. However, in my Steam review, I have marked it as "not recommended" because I find it challenging to recommend to my friends in its current state.

Let's keep the discussion respectful and constructive. Feel free to share your own thoughts and experiences regarding the game's economy and progression. Together, we can contribute to the ongoing improvement of War Thunder.

Fly safe and have fun!


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