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About WTPU and Boycott


First of all, I was the mod and Community leader at WTPU until I left.


After sharing my announcement, they deleted it and I wanted to share it here.

My Deleted Announcement is as follows.


About WTPU


Hello everyone, the boycott call went very well at first, and since Turkish users said we should support as a community, we came here and created the Turkish community and offered our support.


I believe that you are doing our best on behalf of my own community, and most of our users have not entered the game. 


However, the boycott did not have the expected effect, I saw on the server that some admins were broadcasting on Twitch on the day of the boycott, and some moderators were playing War Thunder.


I've seen that this place has lost its purpose, but the problem is not with those who started this boycott.


It developed very quickly and carelessly mod purchases were made, and seeing that their officials had released it like that, they rightfully began to Tuesday troll users.


After passing this announcement, I would like to state that I left the server of my own accord. And thank you to everyone who has spent their time working here, I don't know if we will ever get together like this again.


I got to know a lot of people here and made good friendships, Turkish players are withdrawing from the boycott and we will do something as part of our own community.


If anyone wants to contact me, they can add me as a friend and send a message.


In short, the snail won, but I'm sure there will be improvements in the economy after so much reaction, wait for June 14.

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