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Some ideas that I would like to share for the future.

I'm not well known, but that doesn't matter.


For the apology, I think that it is genuine, but I have heard that this has occurred before, so I can't make my mind up on it.


Imo, the wants and needs of the playerbase should be prioritized, like fixing Ghost shelling and expanding the BR brackets, and fixing the Pay 2 Win and OP vehicles. 


I personally think the Gaijin cares, but the way they aren't focusing on the wants of the playerbase. Many veteran players think that the game is difficult to progress, without premium or using gold to  progress. 


A few of my personal problems in the game is the difficulty of getting vehicles above tier 4+. It requires an absurd amount of silver, and I would like to see the silver costs reduced. In turn, I think that the repair costs could increase. My third problem is the removed vehicles in the game, like the Tiger II 105 or Panther II. When War Thunder first started, I know the game was made for realistic combat, including "paper" vehicles. In the Night Vision update, when the Coelian, Tiger 105 and Panther II were removed, it denied future players the chance to get these unique vehicles. 


Now, on how to implement these updates.


Personally, I think this update, if done, should be called "Player base update" or something similar, where the devs listen to the players and we communicate with them what we want, and they communicate on what they can and can't do, and then we reach a compromise, such as players wishing for the forbidden German vehicles to come back, or asking for vehicles that are not in the game yet.


Speaking of prototype lines, this would have unique vehicles that were made for the prototype stages, and it would only unlock when the vehicle it was a prototype of is researched fully. These vehicles could then be researched using special research points which I call "Prototype Points," earned alongside regular RP, at lets say 6 rp points = 1 Prototype point. This could include paper vehicles. vehicles that were proposed, ect.


I'm interested in what you all have to say, so please tell me in the comments!

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