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Discovery: mouse wheel throttle sensitivity depends on FPS


(play in full screen so you can see it and pay attention to the change in throttle at different FPS, these were all tested with the same mouse wheel multiplier (100%)


The sensitivity of the throttle axis (using the mouse scroll wheel as throttle) depends on your FPS. Ever wondered why the amount that the throttle increases by seems to vary? well now you know.

This also means that player like myself who get high fps will have too low sensitivity even with the mouse wheel multiplier slider maxed, while players who get very low fps may have to put up with huge jumps in throttle per click of the mouse wheel.


I will also make a bug report for this, this post is so that players like myself who cannot set the sensitivity high enough know that they can fix this temporarily by capping their fps (either in nvidia/amd settings or by using vsync)

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