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Need help and tips with HEATFS stock grind (Ariete AMV)


Hi everyone, 

I need some help with the HEATFS-grind, as the title suggests. I am playing top tier Italy, and am struggling getting modifications for the Ariete AMV. I don't know how I managed to get the APFSDS rounds for the PSO and WAR versions, but I just can't get anything done in the AMV. I have been playing this vehicle for the past week (everyday), but I still have no parts or any other modification for that matter. I am really tempted to buy the CL3143 round with my GE, but I know that is foolish. Every game I encounter Russian BVM's covered in ERA and going with my teammates gets me killed, so assists and actual frags are really out of the question. Advice and help would be greatly appreciated. 



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