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Highly survivable aircraft (survive AAM hits)


I've recently started using some US jet fighter aircraft, and have been surprised by the survivability of other jets. Especially with the F8U-2 and AIM-9D missiles, I'm finding that one good missile hit isn't enough to take down Su-25 and Su-17, though I had the same situation with an AIM-9B and Etendard. I play air SB in case the damage models are different.


What other aircraft should I expect to survive the first missile hit? Are there any special tactics that improve lethality?


Are there any highly survivable aircraft in the US TT that are worth trying out?


Are there any indications to the pilot that it was a missile hit vs gun that was survived? I'm wondering if I've been on the receiving end and just assumed it was gun fire damage that I was surviving.



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