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Link crew training to the vehicle instead of slot...


My little petition / proposition, that originate from Gaijins BR changes that affect certain aspect of GRB - proper lineups.


hypothetical example:

Lets say 7.3 Leo1 sits in slot 1, has trained, expert or even ace crew.

Good, isnt it?

But suddenly according to statistics it suddenly belongs to 8.7...

Sigh... Ok. Lets put it in 8.7 lineup.

But hey! My 8.7 lineup has empty space in slot 3!


So now I need SL to retrain crew for this new slot, spend more SL for expert and maybe some GE for ace. AGAIN.

In case of top tier its hundreds of thousands of SL and thousands of GE for a single vehicle.

Or forget about this tank completely.

Or not have proper, competitive lineup, just ODL...


Yes. There are ways to mitigate it by doing some careful planning, but can you really plan in this game, when rules can change 180 deg because of Gaijin?

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