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Tornado Ids marineflieger 11.0 WTF gaijin ? ..As.34 agm.88 harm aim9L?

the radar still does not work, it is not possible to identify/differentiate allied or enemy aircraft .... apparently the gaijin does not test on german aircraft ... as well as the F14. the Tornado has AS.34 Kormoran weaponry unique to date. however unlike the Phoenix aim 54a which is capable of hitting a low flying target, speeds above mac 1.2 with extreme accuracy. the As.34 kormoram fails to hit a ship.. "disappointment"
besides the fact that it is ineffective in its primary function. the gaijin team forgot that the Agm.88 Harm. which would be the answer against the dominance of weapons and guided by active radar, both terrestrial ex: (pantsir s1) air (mig-29 F-14 Yak-141 F-16 F-4S) and also vessels that have active radar.. ."which makes the Agm.88 Harm, As.34 Kormoran and Aim 9L its main armament."
but on purpose. the gaijin team avoids correcting. Making the iconic Making Ids Marineflieger a bad joke. with a horrible economy. and totally Useless and obsolete in 11.0 it is an aircraft that took a lot of work to get and today it is disgusting and harmful to use
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