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(29-07-2021) [] 10,5 cm StuH 42 G missing ammo

In game the StuH 42 has 5 Types of ammo. Aphe, He, 2x Heat and 1 Smoke.

The Aphe is a plain 10,5 cm Pzgr and the He is the normal FH Gr.

The Pzgr has the stats:



475 m/s

0,238 kg tnt

70mm at 10m


The first ammo that potentionally can be added is one of the following 3 rounds (2 or all could be added as well). The ammo was for the following guns: Le FH 18, Le FH 18M and Le FH 18/40. The Le FH 18 is the normal one, the M has a muzzlebreak and recoil improvements and the 18/40 is the normal one mounted on a Pak 40 mount. The later 2 could use ammo with a up to 1,77 kg bigger charge, cince the StuH 42 has a Muzzle break and is mounted in the vehicle it is able to use the bigger charge.


For LeFH 18: 10,5/8,8 cm Pzgr Ts mbs -> 8,8 cm; 10,5 kg; 620 M/s; 0,059 kg TnT -> 122~123 mm pen at 10m (By the Gaijin Penetration calculator)

For LeFH 18M and 18/40: 10,5/8,8 cm Pzgr Ts mbs -> 8,8cm; 10,5 kg; 660 m/s; 0,059 kg TnT -> 134 mm pen at 10m


for LeFH 18M and 18/40: 10,5/7,5cm Pzgr Ts mbs -> 7,5cm; 6,8 kg; 765 m/s; 0,017 kg TnT -> 144 mm pen at 10m


The 2nd ammo is the FH Gr F -> Feldhaubizen Granate Fernladung (Far charge) It has more Filler than the normal one 1,75 -> 2,21 kg tnt and a higher muzzle velocity: 472 -> 540 m/s.

10,5 cm; 14,81 kg; 540 m/s; 2,21kg TnT


The 3 Pzgr Ts ammo is "Entw. kurz vor dem Abschluss!" wich means Development nearly finished! cince the pre version of the Pzgr Ts is "Eingeführt"  (In Use) it is highly possible that the above mentioned 3 rounds would have come into service too cince they can be used with a Muzzle break: mbs stands for "Mündungsbremsen sicher" -> Muzzlebreak save


The F H Gr F is "Eingeführt" In use.


The Rounds are on the chart for the Pzgr Ts Mbs the 2nd to 4th from the top in the "B) Panzergranaten" list and the F H Gr F is the  5th from the top in the "A) Sprenggranaten" list.



Source:RH 8/v. 854



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  • Senior Technical Moderator

The report has been forwarded for consideration.

For any questions feel free to PM me or any other technical moderator.

Thanks for youar time and effort

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