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Vautour IIN (late)

Should the Vautour IIN (late) be added to the game?  

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  1. 1. Would you like to see the Vautour IIN (late) in game?

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Hi all, today I would like to suggest the Vautour IIN (late) for War Thunder.


Now your first thought is going to be, hang on haven't we already got 2 Vautour IINs in the game? Let me explain to you what makes this late variant different from the others.


A lovely photo of a Vautour IIN parked.

A photo, as to not bore your eyes will a wall of text.



There are three major differences in the late design of the Vautour IIN when compared with the version we have in game, apart from these differences please refer to AnelToros suggestion post about the Vautour IIN as I plan to mainly talk about the differences between the one in game and my suggestion in this post.






The fist major difference to discuss is the engines, the current Vautour IIN uses SNECMA Atar 101E-3 engines.

an image of a table about the 101E-3

These produce 34 kN of thrust each at sea level.


The proposed change is to swap them out with the SNCMA Atat 101E-5 engines.

a image of a table about the 101E-5

These produce 36kN of thrust each, for a net increase of 3772N, or 9% more thrust.

Interestingly these engines are already modelled in game on the Vautour IIB, which explains its slight performance edge on the IIA & IIN.





The current Vautour IIN uses the DRAC 25A radar system which is incapable of directing radar guided AAMs.

some French text comparing the DRAC 25, 26 & 32

The upgraded DRAC 26 which was also fitted to IINs is capable of guiding these missiles. The later DRAC 32 is a more powerful version of the DRAC 25 and is also capable of guidance. Both were fitted to later IINs.



According to one source the double SNEB bay present on early models of the IIN was deemed too dangerous and was cut down to the front bay only. This isn't a big change but it would help make the planes more different. The IIN (late) would still be capable of using Nord AA.20s as they are manual guidance and not affected by the change in radar system.



The main addition would be allowing installation of Matra R.511 radar guided missiles, now possible due to the upgraded radar system. These are from a very early generation of missiles and as such are very limited in performance.



The missile uses a semi-active radar homing guidance system, it relies totally on the radar system of the aircraft that fires it to guide onto its target. Due to the limitations of radar at the time it is purported to only be effective when at an altitude of 3km, additionally it uses a unique twist-and-steer flight system - further lowering the missiles performance due to its slower reaction time compared to conventional designs. However this allows the missile to pull up to 12gs at an altitude of 10km at mach 1. The poor performance of these missiles is uplifted somewhat by the sheer capacity that the IIN could carry, up to four missiles would make this a effective plane at high-altitude but would likewise decrease its low altitude performance due to the weight and inability to fire.


Missile stats:

Length: 3.08m

Diameter: 0.27m

Width: 1.01m

Mass: 180kg

Thrust: 15.6kN

Warhead: 25kg blast-frag

Max speed: 1290km/hr

Range: 7.6km

Max G: 12Gs @ 10km @ mach1



The Vautour IIN (late) would use Atar 101E-5 engines for a 9% increase in thrust, A DRAC 26 or DRAC 32 radar system and be able to equip and fire up to four Matra R.511 radar guided AAMs but it would loose its double SNEB bay in favour of a single forward bay.



a black and white photo of a Vautour N on a runway

More photos for you as a reward for reading through all that, of note all the photos of Vautours in this post are the same tail number, I didn't plan this - spooky eh?




https://books.google.co.uk/books?id=_5vA_5XK33sC&pg=PA590&lpg=PA590&dq=Atar+101E-5&source=bl&ots=oRVtN9AWw0&sig=ACfU3U3eYorJ86bTTyVYya1WRatvkkk6XQ&hl=en&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwi6uI7Yh-b2AhXJEcAKHYP-DaoQ6AF6BAgaEAM#v=onepage&q=Atar 101E-5&f=false



https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/R.511 (yeah yeah wikipedia, I've ordered the book that these statistics are supposedly from but it has yet to arrive, i'll be sure to update this post if there are any differences)


Thanks for reading!

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Open for discussion. :salute:

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Must have those R.511's!
Before anyone says they are useless, keep in mind the AA-20 Nord probably have even worse tracking in the hands of most people. I use the Nord's mainly against bombers in sim that don't know I'm there. R.511 would be even better at that. Most aircraft around this BR would also not have RWR giving another edge to the R.511's. If Br 9.3-9.7 has AIM-7C's then R.511's can definitely be added at Br 9.0.
I've also seen in previous discussions that people quote the 3km altitude restriction which is likely a recommended value from a manual somewhere rather than a hard limit. I don't see how a missile can have a hard limit of 3km. I can however imagine an engineer at the beginning of the era where guided air to air missiles were being put into service to think of a restriction that in most cases would result in more reliable radar returns and guarantee the performance figures printed in the manual.

The R.511's could also be added on a potential early rank 6 premium Mirage.

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So glad this is coming! With the R511's and at a lower BR than the IIN early. I guess it was at 9.0 because of it's air start and bomb load....
I know I am grinding the heck out of my French tree now to finally get the IIN late. So friggin' excited!

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On 05/09/2022 at 18:33, Abaddon75 said:

probleme is that it should still be able to have rockets, bombes and ATGM options, since only radar changed giving the possibility to use R.511

Yeah I hope that was just dev server stuff…

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As the Late production Vautour IIN has been implemented with Update 2.19 Drone Age,


Moved to Implemented Suggestions. :salute:

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