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Savoia-Marchetti Sm.91


Savoia-Marchetti SM.91  

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i would like to suggest an intteresting plane. the Heavy Fighter/Bomber Savoia-Marchetti Sm.91



the Design of the SM.91 was originally made to compete for an Regia Areonautica contract in 1938.


In 1942, Regia Areonautica requested a aircraft for long range with the DB601 engine that could flight up to 620km/h, carry 6 x 20mm as offensive armement, having defensive armement and carry up to 800kg of bomb load. the specification for a long range aircraft already disqualified the Sm.88 so the Sm.91 was proposed. the Sm.91 was a much heavier and much moderm design of the Sm.88




The fuselage and the wings were all-metal, to achieve the best performance regardless of cost. The central nacelle held the crew of two, and the wings and tail were similar to the SM.88. Fuel capacity was 1,600 l, but with auxiliary tanks could be raised to 1,800 l. It is unknown if it was capable of a range of 1,600 km (990 mi).

The two DB 605 engines gave a total of 2,950 hp. The aircraft's maximum speed at 585 km/h (363 mph) was better than the SM.88. There were three 20 mm MG 151s in the nose. Two more were mounted in the wings, close to the fuselage. Another machine gun was provided for the rear gunner. Total bomb load was 1,640 kg (3,620 lb) or a torpedo.


the first prototype flew in march 1943. 27 hours of flight was logged but the plane was not officially tested. a second plane was built but both plane was capture and sent to germany after the surrender of Italia. there is no record of the aircrafts that survive in Germany. the planes was presumably destroy.




General characteristics



  • 5 × 20 mm MG 151 cannons
  • 1 x 12.7 Breda-STAFA MG in the rear cockpit (presumably)
  • 1,640 kg bombload






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2 hours ago, TheJoker1432 said:

Looks like a kind of BF 110G equivalent

yes. while doing some research, i notice that the Italian had some of the best plane of the world, saddly they didn't have enough resource to built them. the allied disable most of their factory. i wonder what would had happen if the Italian had took Malta and Gibraltar. they would had enough time to produce a few thousands of very good plane and amounts of them some jet.

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Beautiful! Majesty S.M.91,come to me!

+11111 as a regular plane!

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As the Savoia-Marchetti Sm.91 will be added in update 1.85,


Moved to Implemented Suggestions.:salute:

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