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How to report players using the Server Replay Function…


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A quick guide in eleven simple steps



Since a while now, the War Thunder community can use the Server Replay Functionality to watch any match played in War Thunder, and can use this functionality to report players which show unsportsmanlike behavior like ramming or pushing players into the water, or to report indications of the use of illegal game modifications.


The big advantage of Server Replays - apart from the fact that they can be used to report unsportsmanlike players comfortably - is that they are not client sided, but stored in a company-based database, so no replay files need to be sent around, and just links to desired Server Replays can be sent instead.


In this little tutorial the process of accessing and watching Server Replays, as well as using said Server Replays to report players, is explained.




Step-by-step tutorial:


Please follow those steps to report a player for a Server Replay related offense encountered during a match:




First, you will need to access the webpage where all the Server Replays can be found:


1.         Go to the War Thunder homepage (www.warthunder.com)…

2.         Click on “Community”, then “Replays”…





Or, alternatively, directly jump to https://warthunder.com/en/tournament/replay/…



Next, you will need to find the Server Replay of the match where you observed the issue!


The easiest way to do so is to filter only for matches where you participated – after all it’s normally the very last match you played where you want to report a player…



3.         Check the box next to “Find replays with my participation”…

4.         Click “Find”…






Note that you can also filter further, e.g. for game mode, game type, vehicles, keywords or player nicknames.



Also, make sure that you’re in the correct “Tab”  (not visible in the screenshot above): Default is “Replays” – so all matches are shown which are already finished – but you can select also  “Broadcasts”, “Tournaments” and “Newbie Battles”:


  • Replays:  Normal random battle, where the match is already finished (default).
  • Broadcast:  Normal random battle, where the match is still ongoing. This tab is for example used when a player gets killed in a match, and wants to find out what exactly happened while the battle still lasts (but with a time delay of course, to prevent abuse).
  • Tournament: Tournament battles only.
  • Newbie Bat.: Used to easily filter matches for beginners.




5.         On the filtered list of matches, click the one where you want to watch the Server Replay…




As seen on the screenshot below, selecting a specific match will give you a window with more information about that match, including a list of all players who participated, separated into two teams.



As a next step you will want to watch the Server Replay!


Note that for this you will need to have the War Thunder client running, with no match or custom battle started.

Actually, best just stay in Hangar before starting a Server Replay…



6.         Click on “View replay”…




Now, the replay is automatically started in your War Thunder client: Jump to the game, and watch the replay!


Of course you can select each participating player, speed up/slow down replay speed, and use different views, just like in the normal replays.


What I personally find most useful is the View 2: As this shows you exactly what the selected player sees at a certain moment, this can be used to check for example if he’s already tracking you when you should still be invisible (e.g. behind buildings,…), which would e.g. hint at the usage of an illegal modification.


Note however that not every, say, “unusual” sighting / tracking indicates the use of a cheat!


Especially very experienced players can interpolate/guess where a vehicle should be, judging from previous actions, for example if a tank has already been spotted before, but then moves behind an obstacle – if the target keep its speed and direction, it’s pretty simple to foresee its movement and re-appearance after the obstacle…


Important: While watching the Server Replay, note the timestamps where the offensive or suspect behavior is well visible - you will need this later to help the analyzing team find the relevant part of the replay.



To then submit the actual report:


7.         Back on the Server Replay website with the match / player list open, click on the (!)-symbol next to the respective players name…






This will open a dialog window where you can prepare the actual report…



8.         Sele ct the type of issue that you want to report…


Possible are the following:

  • Unsportmanlike conduct: This covers e.g. harassment like ramming tank, pushing tank into enemy field of fire or water, other team harassment, …
  • Restricted modification: This covers suspected cheat and hacks…


Note that any chat-related offenses are NOT to be handled using the Server Replay functionality! Such issues can be reported directly in-game by right-clicking on a players name (e.g. on players list during a match or in the debriefing screen), and selecting “Complain”…



9.       Write a brief - but useful - description of the issue.

10.     Enter the time you noted earlier when the issue was well visible in the replay.

(Note: only one timestamp is possible: If more than one instance is notable, add those timestamps also to the description above…)

11.     Send the report by clicking “COMPLAINT”




From then on, it’s up to the team of War Thunder’s dedicated Server Replay staff who then process your report, and  -if indeed offensive behavior or evidence of using illegal modifications can be found – take the appropriate actions towards the reported player.


Please note that because of data privacy reasons you as a reporter will not receive any feedback, neither automatically nor when you explicitly ask for it!



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