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Allow to make userskin for ships/boats

do you need this?  

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  1. 1. Export sample skins

    • should do it
    • should not do it
  2. 2. Select export texture types

    • Need it
    • No need it
    • I select "no" in first poll

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Yesterday I try to make JS Ariake skin for DD547, but I couldn't export skin file.

I use CDK but it blocked, too.


Now in CBT lots of people enjoy to customize ships/boats in decal, but it not enough for us.


So I suggest able to export these files: 

  • Unit BLK file
  • Hull/Structure camouflage 
  • Deck texture)
  • Hull bottom texture
  • Hull, Deck-house, Turret and Weapon detail 
  • Hull, Deck-house, Turret and Weapon normal map
  • Flag 


But, large ships will export a lots of files. So I suggest to select "Export Camouflage" or "Export All"


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  • Technical Moderator
2 hours ago, Sonoda_Kotori said:

You CANNOT make unmirrored Ariake skin for Cowell.

Reason can be seen in the comments here where I deacribed to Turbulenz_JP.


OMG, It same as A6M's texture issues? Thanks to teach me.


Well, now we can get texture by only WT-tools (I think). Issue that I want to say is this.

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